Where Can We See Our Higher Self or god-self in the DNA?

The answer is in the Fifth Density GForce which is also an amino acid protein. It came to me last night. In addition, the synchronicity is that it is always the tribe right before your Hidden Wisdom, the same tone. That tells me there are some family lessons or Mother issues tied to the 5GForce. I’ll explore this as I post on the body holon daily.

We’re way past religion, and even in religion it teaches the body is the temple of the Holy Spirit. People skip right over that and cleave to the c+_)(church teaching that we are sinners, need a blood sacrifice, deserve to suffer, need absolution and atonement, and are born sinners no matter what. That’s all incorrect and has been for thousands of years. The Time Thieves run the Catholic Church. What really gets me is when White Dog dharmic teacher kin who are the prime teachers of love and healing like J.C., don’t remember who they are because they aren’t aware of analog kin Red Moon students (flow of feelings and empathy) to jog their memory. Instead, they cleave to religion or addiction and aren’t helping on the planet.

For instance, today’s 5GForce is Red 1 Magnetic Serpent of 1Serine. The Occult Partner/Hidden Wisdom today is 1Threonine or White 1 Magnetic Worldbridger. Red Serpent is Tribe#5 and White World-Bridger is Tribe#6 so there ya have it. The same thing will happen tomorrow and the next day.

It also pulses off of the antipode sometimes. Today’s antipode is Red 13 Serpent. With the 5GForce of Red 1 Serpent, it becomes occult energy because it adds up to 14. The upshot is we are all under the influence today of transforming physical passion and lust to love. Our sexual bonding needs to be loving in addition to lustful. That means your heart chakra needs to be humming.

Get some Reiki if need be. I do long-distance healing alignment in addition to in-person. If it isn’t humming, get the meditation going or do some soul searching and remain celibate until it is humming. If I can do it you can. I’m very into the body and I talk about it often and do it for my career. Talk about loosh energy for the Reptilians. Look at the synchronicity between Red Serpent being passion and the Reptilians being a negative force for humans!!

Another example is my 5GForce is 1Isoleucine or Blue 1 Magnetic Hand. My hands are literally magnetic in my office when I work on people. My clients say my hands feel like magic and I can feel it too! That’s my higher self, God in me for my own healing and for my patients! I’m right in my destiny where I’m supposed to be. It’s indicated in my astrology chart as well with my Venus in Pisces where Venus is exalted, in Capricorn (my career). Now pulse that with the fact that my Mom is Blue Hand and is also a therapist. There’s the reason I came through her onto the planet. She pulses also with all of my lessons around my Hidden Wisdom which is Yellow 1 Star.

Absolutely look at your birth gateway, the Hidden Wisdom, and the 5GForce. It will lead you right where Source needs you to be of service for yourself and others. If you have any questions about it, e-mail me. I can help you clarify.

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