Sunday Daily Reading; DNA evolving and Our Local System Line-Up

Body Holon

We land on crystal tone White 12 Wizard today which pulses to our left knee JOINT. 12 Lysine, 12Serine, 12Threonine, 12Valine, and 2 Isoleucine are on the move in communal crystal mode.

The function of Lysine in the body;;

The 5GForce is 2Threonine or White 2 World-Bridger pulsing off of the Guide Power and making its effect on us stronger. The upshot is we are facing serious changes/death around us which I accept because our current situation on this planet is untenable.

Corey mentioned in the video yesterday that the solar flash is going to happen. But our mindset and attitude about flowing with it will change how severe it is. It’s natural for all life to evolve forward. It’s inevitable. But it doesn’t have to be cataclysmic if we don’t resist or fear it so much.

Interplanetary Aspects

  • The Sun is in strong conjunction with Neptune. There is a light shining on idealism and the world of imagination and spirituality. Sensitivity is high. Extend compassion and charity to everyone around you. The potential for unconditional love is strong.
  • The Moon in Cancer is in strong opposition with Pluto. There is potential conflict between emotions and deep regeneration. Everyone is more subject to their deeper needs today or even their compulsions and some degree of interpersonal difficulties is also likely.
  • Venus is in strong conjunction with Mars. Our love nature is fueled with desire. The energy to make and spend money is more pronounced and as well there is a strengthening of intention towards others.
  • Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Neptune are in Pisces
  • Moon is still in Cancer. Keep cooking.
  • Venus, Mars, Saturn and Midheaven are in Aquarius
  • Uranus, N. Node and Ascendant are in Taurus. Taurus kin are getting their face pushed into a denstiny/karma mirror right now. Be patient with them.

This is the last week of winter. Spring equinox is March 20, 2022.

From Time Passages App

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