What is Loosh?

This is an awesome recent interview with Corey. It looks a little cheesy at the beginning but Corey grounds it. Moriarty is a cool, goofy guy and really respects Corey so it all improves and is well worth watching. Just stick with it. Corey talks extensively about the earth changes and inner earth.

Loosh is the energy of the pain and suffering of our fellow humans. It’s sadistic and masochistic. Some get a kickback, a pick-me-up or a high from it so they get addicted if their energy of the heart is not aligned with Source in them.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post about not being able to look away at an accident on the highway or anything horrifying. Our brains have been programmed to become addicted and expect pain and cataclysm during our evolution bc we have allowed these negative beings in or were just unconscious of them and they reward us with this kickback.

When I post Corey Goode communications he often talks about loosh energy. It’s a specific type of parasite energy used or eaten by powerful negative species like Reptilian or Shadow beings. Religions call them demons. Our institutions are full of them. Our American society is infested.

They have a low amount of natural positive energy themselves because they are full of nanites or nanotechnology that has been given to them by A.I. or artificial intelligence. Loosh is worse than eating an unripe industrial tomato grown inside with fake everything vs. a home grown garden tomato 🍅 or say American plastic cheese wrapped in plastic vs. homemade cheese made in France or Switzerland. There is NO PASSION, JOY, OR BEAUTY in anything A.I. It is UTTER B. S. compared to anything human or earthly. This is important to know right now as our society has been slowly trying to get us to accept this compromised energy for about 100 years now.

What happens then is greed and lust step in to replace the true passion and co-creative power lost from our natural QI and people lust for more money, food, and sex to replace natural love, and earth energy. Your body deteriorates and the negative beings can feed off of your deteriorating body. That’s loosh. Think of all the business and institutions that thrive on human death, illness and destruction. They’re not luscious but looshious or Luciferian.

It’s negative QI or life force and it’s FAKE. There is nothing real about it which is why our world has become full of lies coming out of people mouths in their fake bodies and their fake lives. We even have fake money now in the form of cryptocurrency.

I’ll post more on this in the future.

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