Saturday-The CME (Coronal Mass Ejection from the Sun) Will Close out our 13-Day Cycle

Today is 11Skywalker, tomorrow is 12Wizard and Monday is 13Eagle so the sun is doing its PRIMARY job of synchronization with the earth, solar system, and our DNA so that we can continue to live, evolve, grow and move forward. There is nothing catastrophic about that but it is earth-shaking. 🌎 If you are afraid of change and movement there will be much to fear. If you accept and understand that change is part of life as death is part of life it will be an adventure.

Body Holon

We just entered a new harmonic family, I Ching25; Innocense/the unexpected. Governing DNA nucleotide is CGA or Arginine (Blue Eagle)

  • Theme is 11Glutamine or dharmic teacher Red 11) Spectral Skywalker, movement, dissolving and prophecy.
  • Analog is 11threonine or karmic White 11 Spectral Worldbridger; Change/death. If you’re at a low, fearful point, make sure you have plenty of glutamine in your diet to keep depression away. Cling to your support analog.
  • Guide Power is itself, liberating prophecy.
  • Antipode is 11Alanine or Blue 11 Spectral Night; Releasing Intuition. Let your higher mind or intuition guide you. Your lower mind that zooms along quickly sizing things up with facts is the rational lower mind. Intuition is quicker and right more often. You are programmed by our sick society to disagree with me because intuition is EMPOWERING. It can save your life. It’s holistic.
  • Hidden Wisdom is 3Leucine or Yellow 3 Electric Star. Leucine is #1 in the muscles. The key to health and metabolism is strong muscles. Name anything in the body and the muscles balance and and align it. The muscles and blood are the Queen of 4D life on earth. You can be a billionaire and it will make no difference if you’re weak physically and unhappy spiritually. Love your body and keep it strong within reason. Every other day workout for an hour. Plenty of cold pure water is heaven on earth.
  • 5Gforce is 3Isoleucine or Blue 3 Electric Hand; Accomplishment from 5th density

Interplanetary Holon

Mars is the mediating planet along with Saturn and Venus. They are all synchronized in ♒ Aquarius so there is our shakeup. Same as yesterday we have most of the rest in Pisces and Moon in Cancer so emotions are on the surface.


Earth Holon

It is getting stronger but right the earth’s brain or psi bank is calm at 7peak frequency. The frequency goes up as you move down the chart. The bottom range of the green goes up to 24Hz low-frequency today

Peak Frequency is 7 Right now

Skywalker time portal is located at 30°S–60°W in N. Argentina, North of Santa Fe in the Andes Mountains. This is a Signal kin and the location of Easter Island.

Watch “Solar Flare, Eye Candy, Dragonfly, Electroquakes | S0 News Mar.12.2022” on YouTube

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