Friday Daily Reading; Yellow 10 Planetary Human. FREE WILL on Earth

So far so good on this Tone 10 day dealing with a changing human society on a changing earth. The Psi bank looks calm but of course, that’s local. We’ll see how things look on Monday. The Sun is starting to explode.

Those of you who were born on the karmic side of the Interplanetary Holon or Yellow Sun through Red Moon, you have more challenges than the rest of us right now. Your greatest support is to study and attract to you your analog kin.

Body Holon

Your personal mindset is a drop in a pool of 8 billion mindsets. If each of those individuals said, “I’m just one mindset. What difference does it make?” we’d be epically screwed. But if one by one you get yourself aligned, mind, body, and spirit and don’t wait for a cataclysm to happen we may be able to get through the shift without millions dying. It can happen gradually.

It’s like not being able to look away at a bad accident on the highway. Don’t do that or wait for it. Look ahead, straight on, and mind your own business. When your mind focuses on disaster and cataclysm and you prepare for that…you’re CREATING IT. This is Abe-Hicks 101. If you keep looking at PAST cataclysm you’re also helping mentally to create it again.

Your mindset is as literal as your body. Please meditate on that and accept it. Your mind created your body as it is today and your mindset can change your body if YOU FOCUS on yourself. Science has even figured that out. That’s what we each need to do. Just know that you are programmed by almost everything in our society not to do that. That’s because it’s empowering and they won’t be able to vampire any energy, money, or power off of you for their narrative if you focus your intention on yourself. Stand your ground. Set your boundaries and keep busy doing good to yourself and others. Millions are doing it now. You’re not alone.

  • Theme; 10Glutamic Acid or Yellow 10 Planetary Human; Holder of the Chalice or Grail
  • Analog; 10Isoleucine or Blue 10 Planetary Hand; Grasper, Skillful
  • G.P.-10Stop Codon or Yellow 10 Planetary Sun!!!; Uncompromising, rejuvanating
  • Antipode:10Glycine or White 10 Planetary Wind; Spiritual and romantic. The Solar Winds are coming.
  • Hidden Widsom: 4Methionine or Red 4 Self-Existing Moon; Also romantic and an expander.
  • 5GForce; 4Leucine or Yellow 4 Self-Existing Star; Harmony and Art
  • 939.6 Hz frequency in this harmonic. That’s very high coming from the Tzolkin upper densities past earth. 5GForce is bringing this in.

Earth Holon

Schumann Resonance or Psi Bank contains low-level frequencies in the range of 3Hz to 60Hz. The norm for Earth is 7.83. See in-depth explanation on previous posts.

Level 7 peak amplitude today. It feels very calm to my body also. This is in synchronicity with the vibe of Tone 10 which is a doer vibe to perfection.

This is how 7Hz sounds. Theta brain wave which is quite sleepy and relaxed.


Interplanetary Holon

Earth is our mediating planet today.

She’s gonna flip. North will become South and South will become North.
  • Sun in Pisces
  • Moon in Cancer. Water, water.
  • Mercury in Pisces. Water, water, water
  • Venus in Aquarius
  • Mars in Aquarius
  • Jupiter in Pisces; now 4 water
  • Saturn in Aquarius
  • Uranus still in Taurus
  • Neptune in Pisces; now 5 water
  • Pluto in Capricorn
  • Chiron in Aries
  • N. Node in Taurus
  • Cancer ascendent; 6 Water
  • Midheaven in Aries

6 planets in water mean that most people who are on the planet to work off their karma are going to be nuts, unstable, one brick short of a full load, lost their marbles. Yeah, we can observe that. Those of us on the dharmic side (White Dog through Blue Storm) need to hold the vibe even keel and be good teachers with good boundaries. Take care of yourself, stop trying to save people, and don’t let them get you to react. Function, not dysfunction.

3 planets in Aquarius, Venus, Mars, and Saturn mean those that are on the dharmic side teaching will be taking no crap. Our institutions will be changed and truthful or they will cease to exist. Change is a must. The boundaries we put on that for those on the karmic side will put not only their fists in the air but their bodies as one big fist in the air. Anger makes people ill. Calm heads prevail. Water off of a duck’s back.

We’re at the end. Either you learn your lesson and cross over into consciousness or the Earth will take care of you. It’s fine if you choose that. Or… pivot to positive, change something, get happy because you decide to. Abe Lincoln said, “Most people are as happy as they decide to be.” You can control your emotions.

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