Thursday-Schumann Resonance Spectrograms to Measure the Psi Bank Activity of the Earth

The third ring from the outside is the Psi Bank Matrix as Solar-Galactic Binary RESONANCE FIELD. This is the Psi Bank Schumann Resonance which brings in the Tzolkin Harmonic seen as the Aurora Borealis. Its source is the Sun which is like a giant holographic copier from Galactic Center.

We land on Blue 9 Solar Monkey today or 9Asparagine. Tone 9 pulses to the left ELBOW JOINT.

I’m going to post the Schumann Resonance spectrograms for the state of the Earth Holon from now on because it’s scientific as well as intuitive and gives us a measure of the Psi Bank activity. I want to be on the leading edge, not following NASA and NOAA via S.O. whose narrative is controlled by the U.S. Federal Government. There is no way we’re getting the whole story from them.

The location of the SR team is in Siberia for tracking. See my previous post. It’s the Red Serpent Time Portal; 60°N–75°E. Go to this link to learn how to easily read the spectrogram; I also posted the content on the previous post.

Earth Holon

The Schumann Resonance,%2Fm)%20in%20the%20atmosphere.

The Schumann resonances (SR) are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth’s electromagnetic field spectrum. Schumann resonances are global electromagnetic resonances, generated and excited by lightning (Blue Storm tribe 19) discharges in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere. The fundamental mode is a standing wave in the Earth-ionosphere cavity with a wavelength equal to the circumference of the Earth.

These Resonance ELF waves in the Earth’s magnetic field just happen to overlap with the electrical patterns (our brain waves) observed across the cortex of the human brain. Studies have shown that SR frequencies have particular effects on the human brain and nervous system (CNS-axis of the eternal present), cardiovascular system, autonomous nervous system, circadian rhythms, immune function, DNA, and more. The fundamental resonance is 7.83Hz which corresponds to the high theta of the human brainwave range.

  • Delta; 0Hz to 4Hz corresponds with SR4.11Hz (We’re sleeping. It’s the unconsious mind giving you information)
  • Theta; 4Hz to 8Hz corresponds with SR4.11 Hz (Meditative, relaxed, intuitive state. Remote viewing and mediumship is done here.)
  • Alpha; 8Hz to 12Hz corresponds with SR7.83 Hz (the fundamental resonance. Your eyes are open and observing the 4D hologram we live in as bodies)
  • Beta; 12Hz to 30 Hz corresponds with SR14Hz, 20Hz, 26Hz (a bit hyper and rational)
  • Gamma; 30Hz to 100 Hz corresponds with SR33Hz!!, 39Hz, 45Hz, 59Hz (very hyper and rational)

This is the resonance for Thursday, Blue 9 Solar Monkey or 9Asparagine. The SR power for the day is also set at 9 for the SR so we have synchronicity.

Dependency on Amplitude is 8
Dependency on Frequency is 8.90
Dependency on Quality is 8.9

Body Holon; Blue 9 Monkey

9Asparigine, 9Leucine, 9Isoleucine, 9Cysteine, 5Aspartic Acid and 5Methionine; Monkey, Star, Hand, Dragon, Dog, and Moon.

Nutshell: Arginine aids neurotransmitters in the brain and through protein utilization in the muscles via Leucine, it accomplishes that.

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