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From Corey Goode, Shared originally on the Telegram Chat

February 26th, 2022
“I am hearing about a lot of Labs, Mercenary (CIA) bases and CIA operations centers. I also was told of massive document vaults that are booby-trapped to destroy the documents that the Russians are guarding until specialists can open them and preserve the documents. The Labs were experimenting on unwilling humans who eventually have their organs harvested. The ‘criminal syndicate’ running Ukraine is being routed out. The human trafficking that the invading Russians are uncovering is extremely shocking. Some of the former Alliance groups in the west are now fighting against what is left of the Alliance.”

March 3rd, 2022
“It is more of a time to lead than to follow. IMHO. At this point, every source out there is either disinformation or has had their info tainted in some way. I stopped reporting on much of what is going on after the American and European branches and cells of the Alliance failed to act a year ago.”

I only report snippets I can verify through multiple military sources. I speak to retired generals and colonels who were in the top Intel groups within their military branches (& Countries). I am being told high-level things that I cannot share out of operational security but am being repeatedly warned to be super careful with believing ANY info coming out from the MSM of course but also the Patriot Newsgroups.

Most of this war is being fought through disinformation and many out there, including people in our community, are opportunists that are happy to repeat info they don’t know to be legit. Many are basking in the attention and putting out hopeful ‘we have won’ narratives to appease many who are living in fear and need the escape or false hope. I honestly suggest watching little news and following very few people online.

People are crazy right now. That craziness in influences the content you consume every day. I think withdrawing from the news cycles and focusing on the inner work and protecting your home energetically are the things to focus on right now. Don’t rely on gurus or outside sources to make you feel complete. Take this time to complete yourself and focus on maintaining a good vibration. That has been Stacy and my focus for a while now. We see everyone going crazy and bouncing around the walls like Daffy Duck as we have focused on keeping balanced.

I think everyone should clear their homes of negative energy and entities and then begin to focus on their inner work. I do think that those who are in a balanced state right now should follow their hearts and get out in the streets to fight for freedom or support it energetically. With everyone else acting so crazed right now, those of us who are coherent should act responsibly and do what we can to make this a better world.”

Corey Goode

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