Artificial Upgrade (no, It’s a Downgrade) to Human DNA…if you get the Vaccines

This is so nauseating it’s unbelievable. Liars.

People who have taken covid jabs will no longer be able to upgrade DNA naturally. (i.e. natural earth evolution, exercise, and epigenetics)

Luciferase, graphene hydroxide, and mRNA were never for any “virus”, but all for Depopulation, control & storing digital data on synthetic c-DNA which will be implanted into recipients of covid-19 vaccinations if they survive the deadly toxic chemicals being injected into their genome.

Btw, having artificial DNA or intelligence implemented into the body is not an upgrade as stated in the headline, but a downgrade, a downgrade because you will no longer be a human which means no upgrades from spiritual realms or higher-self, a downgrade because you will no longer be recognized by the creator, nature, your higher self or the universe.

A downgrade because now you will need regular updates via “boosters” in the name of safety to others and keep up with the 5G mainframe that keeps tabs on your social, financial, health status, and your life in general.

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