I’m Channeling, Right Away Today on this Tone 7 Day

Why are humans so easily frightened and programmed by others? Maybe Ben is wrong. Maybe we’re not at the end of a 12,000-year cycle. He likes to say daily that someone else is wrong. Well, it’s not hard for scientists and politicians to be wrong. They are steeped in ego and greed and can’t see clearly.

Personally, I listen and consider all opinions and then parse them out based on my intuition and rational assessment. Ben, Corey, David, and many others are very smart but they may have ego involvement.

What if the larger cycle is 13,000 and not 12?  It’s true that our planet holds to multiples of 4 but no one in science has taken into account the 260-day cycle within the 365-day cycle. The 260-day cycle has ALWAYS been occurring but we’ve been kept under the spell of the time magicians and ignorant of who we really are.

13:20 runs our whole local system, earth, and our bodies ultimately. If it’s not the end of the world what is it that they are seeing? The local system, earth, and all life on it evolving, trying to calibrate itself with the changes that will happen gradually for the most part.

This is a Tone 7 Resonant day so the etheric realm is spinning with information, thus it makes channeling easier. When I woke up it started. I hadn’t checked tribe and tone yet and when I saw it, it made sense. I also had a bad feeling listening to Ben’s post today, as though he thinks he’ll be peachy out in Colorado but the rest of us are going to bite the dust? I’ve heard over and over that “Colorado is a safe place.” It may be except near Denver by the Rocky Mountain Flats nuclear site. It’s very polluted.

The book I’m showing here, Black Dawn, Bright Day, I’ve had since 1991 (31 years) when I lived in Sedona, AZ. It’s a great book; a classic. It was written in 1990 in Spokane, WA, the same year Jose published the Dreamspell. I recommend you get it to bring some reason to your decision regarding where to live.

I quote from page 172;

I’m told by Spirit that we have to build a belief system in which we carry the law in our hearts, not one where we look over our shoulder to somebody else. We have to learn to take direct responsibility for our lives on an everyday basis. This is one of the things I’ve tried to impart to people through my teachings and writings. This is part of what I see as my work.

I find that there is a great hunger in people to find out about ways in which to heal themselves; first themselves, you see, then they can really help others and the Earth. That’s why I stress the need for every person to take real responsibility for their own life. I fell that everyone has the right to speak to the Creator, to discover and follow their own vision.

One of the things that keeps people from their path is money. They think they have to make more and more all the time. And they can always give a good reason.

Sun Bear

Sun Bear was a channel, a visionary like Edgar Cayce and Jose Arguelles. He parses out exactly where it’s safe and why and where it’s not safe and why, brought in through Spirit, remote viewing, you name it. It’s what lightworkers do. I do it with the body extensively and have done so successfully for 23 years.

Be careful not to take as gospel truth, “We’re all going to die, but don’t fear. The Earth is Ending. Accept it.” whether it’s from Ben or Google saying, “The human race is ending, we’re in the 6th mass extinction.” Instead, use your intuition, think, and then make a plan and act.


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