Borealis (2020) – IMDb

“Borealis (2020) – IMDb”

This is a phenomenal hour and a half documentary shot in Canada. It’s gorgeous…until it gets to the end of a Tzolkin cycle and humans come in and act like they are smarter than nature. You’ll see the cut off point.

What I want you to watch for is how it starts with the aurora borealis which is the psi bank emanating through the hologram into the earth’s magnetosphere from the Sun and Galactic Center.

Now back to natural manifestation into 4D of each amino acid or Mayan tribe. It starts with 19-0, Blue Storm to the fire of the Sun and the lightning hits the boreal forest and much of this huge natural growth forest burns up manifesting Dragon fire. It’s so huge it starts its own weather, pyrocumulus, and WIND with it to continue the process.

The fire has released the abundance of BLUE NIGHT nutrients that lie dormant in the soil and everything greens up from the seeds (YELLOW SEED) being released.

Now we’re on the forest floor, (RED SERPENT) and the roots wend their way through the forest floor like a snake and deliver earth magic to the plants. The old burned forest has to accept their death and the forest changes (White WB)

They show you how the forest heals and accomplishes much for the community of species (BLUE HAND) in cooperation with each other. They’ve achieved harmony and beauty creatively and we see natural art (YELLOW STAR).

The rains come, there is a natural flow to the sentience of what the forest wants to become. This section is exquisite as its moves from RED MOON to WHITE DOG. They show and describe the companionship and help that forest species give to one another.

Now the forest is growing, diversifying, and magical, good humans come in and participate in and respect the nature of things and we see the best side of YELLOW HUMAN.

Now they show the trees reaching to the sky with a panoply of stars in the galaxy and we see that RED SKYWALKER has created movement on earth that prophecies timelessness in WIZARD humans with a CNS walking through the forest.

The scene changes and humans are in the picture now. The eagles and all avian species are vital and play a specific role in how the forest lives and breathes (BLUE EAGLE).

They show how species compete with each other and have to deal with nemesis and hindrances to make them more intelligent (YELLOW WARRIOR) until they reach balance and synchronicity (RED EARTH). They literally use the word synchronicity.

From Red Earth, we sit for a long white period in White Mirror because there is no dragon fire lightning coming. The birch trees turn white for protection and the peat moss turns white to create permafrost. The forest is sort of deteriorating or meditating on its next phase.

The smarter humans now bring their machine world of A.I. clear-cutting and I’ll let you surmise the rest which brings us where we are today; the precipice.

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