Sunday Daily Reading; Earth Has a Weakening Magnetic Field and And Our Bodies Do Also

We land on Radiant Tone 5 which pulses to the right elbow.

Our Evolving Bodies

Blue 5 Radiant Hand or 5Isoleucine has the day. 5Glutamic Acid is supporting, 5Arginine is guiding, 5Phenylalanine is challenging, and 9Lysine is pulsing hidden wisdom to us. 8Glutamic Acid is the 5GForce so it is pulsing to the entire body in sync with the support, 5Glutamic Acid. This is big energy for human healing and an awareness of it in our bodies. Awareness of synchronicity and Timelessness in the brain and spinal cord are the tickets.

  • Isoleucine (Blue Hand) can improve the immune system, including immune organs, cells and reactive substances.
  • Glutamic Acid (Yellow Human) helps nerve cells in the brain send and receive information from other cells. It may be involved in learning and memory so it is supporting the immune system…NATURALLY.
  • Arginine (Blue Eagle) is the precursor for the synthesis of proteins and other molecules of great biological importance, including nitric oxide, ornithine, polyamines, agmatine, proline, glutamate, creatine, dimethylarginine, and urea.
  • Phenylalanine (Red Earth) is crucial for the production of other proteins and molecules, including Tyrosine (White Mirror meditation and reflection).
  • Lysine (White Wizard) appears to help the body absorb calcium, and it plays an important role in the formation of collagen, a substance important for bones and connective tissues including skin, tendons, and cartilage.

Earth Evolving

He is waving the red flags again. The same thing that is happening on earth is happening in our bodies and minds or body-mind-spirit. The hope is that your consciousness on all three of those fronts is pummeling forward and accepting the changes. The video is below.


  • The sun is quiet
  • Low level geomagnetic (GM) storms are triggered by the coronal hole stream
  • Solar wind pressure and GM conditions are lessening.
  • There is a wind convergence line in the midwest. Iowa tornado. (Here in MI we have extreme wind and a couple of inches of snow tonight even though it’s all melted and was 64° yesterday.)
  • FLU data; low humidity threshhold in every state is shown. Low humidity in your home breeds virus hanging the air. High humidity in your house drops the nanoparticles to the floor where you can trample them. Go with that.
  • The heating cycle is over on earth. (I hope he isn’t suggesting we will no longer have summer)
  • AMOC, the Atlantic Meridianol Overturning Circulation is shutting down. It will cool the northern latitudes.
  • Galactic; The cosmic light he’s on about is the Psi Bank emanations. Look at previous posts where I made it the topic. Maybe someone will learn something from my blog posts someday that will take us past reductionist science.
  • The monitor Arecibo collapsed! It monitored the ionosphere. Again, See my previous posts for a better understanding. F3 layer of the ionosphere appeared above Arecibo because of Earth’s weakening magnetic field. (OR…is it just changing and evolving and they don’t get that?)

“Astronomers See an Enormous Shockwave – 60x Bigger Than the Entire Milky Way Galaxy”

Blue Hand Time Portal is located at the Equator–165°E in Micronesia off the island of Nauru. It is a CORE KIN. The Republic of Nauru comprises a small oval-shaped island in the western Pacific Ocean, Nauru lies 42km (26 miles) south of the equator. Its nearest neighbor is Ocean Island (Banaba, part of Kiribati), 305km (190 miles) to the East. It is 4,000km (2,485 miles) from Sydney.

Our Evolving Local System

We are mediated by Earth today.

  • Early today, Mars and then Venus enter Aquarius, shortly after which they align. The Venus-Mars alignment is creative, intense, and dynamic. Because it happens so soon after Venus and Mars enter Aquarius, we can feel as if we’re starting fresh.
  • Venus will stay in Aquarius until April 5th, and we’re moving towards more unconventionality, independence, and freedom in our social relationships. Under this influence, experimental or non-traditional relationships, entertainment, purchases, and pursuits are especially intriguing. Allowing one another fuller freedom of expression and treating others fairly, unselfishly, and impartially are themes. Our tastes and interests incline towards the avant-garde during this cycle.
  • Mars will be in Aquarius until April 14th, and energy levels can be dynamic yet erratic. We are team players, cooperative, and less concerned about personal power than in previous cycles. We could be achieving our goals through hit or miss tactics. Impersonal expression of anger is characteristic of Mars in Aquarius. We are attracted to unconventional methods, and we tend to approach problems from an intellectual, detached perspective during the Mars-in-Aquarius cycle. We tend to act only when we can entirely get behind or believe in our actions. As such, we might spend more time thinking about action than taking it. However, we’re crusaders for our ideas and causes.
  • Despite all of this progressive energy, the Moon moves into steady, traditional Taurus early today, encouraging us to slow down, take stock, and reorient ourselves.
  • Both Venus and Mars form semi-squares to Jupiter today, and we can be particularly optimistic. The competitive feelings we might experience now can be stimulating and invigorating, but we may not get the timing or estimation of our capabilities right. It’s best to wait out sudden urges since they may not hold weight over time.
  • The void Moon continues today until the Moon enters Taurus at 3:01 AM EST.

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