Friday Daily Reading; New Harmonic 47; Rhythmic Store of Energy to Remember the Elegance of Equality

Body Holon

The title of the post points to the last kin of HF; Yellow 6 Star.

Tone 3 pulses to the right hip JOINT.

This is I Ching Hx 36; Darkening of the Light. DNA Nucleotide is CCT-Proline is governing our 4D evolution for 4 days. Proline as a minor stop codon pulses with the start codon Methionine which is the Guide Power.

Red 3 Serpent Serine is evolving today with 3Lysine, 3Methionine, 3Arginine, and 11Histidine. The 5Gforce 11 Arginine is pulsing with the antipode 3Arganine so the attributes of the challenge today and Hidden Wisdom is a creative mind, vision, independence, commitment, artist, compassion, exacting, and more.

Remember the story of the Eagle and the Serpent. It embodies the struggle in our DNA between the higher self and the lower self.

Earth Holon

The A.A. Serine Time Portal is located at 60°N–75°E in Northern Russia. This is a Polar Kin and receives upper-density DNA from the cosmic web.

Interplanetary Holon

Red Serpent is mediated by the Asteroid belt.

  • The Moon spends the day in assertive, direct Aries. We’re looking to start fresh and pioneer.
  • It’s natural for us to gravitate toward satisfying, healing activities with a Moon-Chiron conjunction and both Mars and Venus in creative aspect to Chiron. We’re asserting our needs more naturally than usual, and fortunately, we’re receptive to others’ needs.
  • While the Moon in Aries encourages independence and trailblazing, it makes us feel good to help and support others.
  • The Sun is heading toward an alignment with Jupiter, reinforcing optimistic and enterprising feelings.

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