Tuesday Daily Reading; We End the 13-day Cycle Today. There is a New One and New Moon Tomorrow

Synchronicity as usual between the Tzolkin and the Lunar cycle of 28 days.

Today we wind up the White 1 Dog 13-day cycle with White 13 Cosmic Wind. The meaning of that is we’ve been evolving how we express love for 13 days and today we hopefully understand how to express ourselves spiritually more attuned to a loving way with others. In my case, I’m learning to express my honest feelings with someone I like instead of being cynical and not saying anything, or what I would call realistic. Baby steps.

Body Holon

Tone 13 pulses to the left ankle JOINT.

  • Theme is White 13 Cosmic Wind or 13Glycine. Presence of cosmic truth. Pulse is to the right neck.
  • Analog is Red 13 Cosmic Earth or 13Phenylalanine. Governs earth holon. Pulse is to the left neck.
  • Guide Power is White 13 Cosmic World Bridger or 13Threonine. Grounded in Spirit. Pulse is to the left upper thorax.
  • Antipode is Yellow 13 Cosmic Human or 13Glutamic Acid. Vessel of higher power. Pulse is to the lower left abdomen above the navel. HUMANS ARE VESSELS OF HIGHER POWER. It’s anarchy to our politics and institutions that feel they have authority over us, including parents who believe they control the direction of their child’s life as though they are their slave. Children come to the planet already having an agenda and attunded to their body and the earth. Many times they are our teachers-not all though.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Blue 1 Magnetic Storm or 1Tryptophan. Activator for the mind. Pulse is to the left top of the head, crown chakra.
  • 5gforce is White 1 Magnetic Mirror or 1Tyrosine. Meditation. Pulse is to the left eye, brain, and face which emanates 5th density to the entire body. Be sure and meditate today to get upgrades to your DNA.

Earth Holon

There is more reason to think twice about living on the west coast if you plan to stay on the planet through the shift. There is no safe area from San Andreas and Seattle is keeping a hot eye on Mt. St. Helen’s volcano again.

The time portal for White Wind is the Equator–75°E near the Maldive Islands off the coast of India. It is a CORE KIN at the heart of the planet whose job it is to tranduce energy from the cosmic web.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Uranus as we end this 13-day cycle.

Astrology has been part of human society since ancient times, but it is limited to 4D. It’s like the I Ching which is also an ancient oracle illuminating our DNA evolution. They are both CORRECT but they don’t include what happens in the upper densities of the etheric body.

Hence, you’ll find many astrologers focusing socially outward in their interpretations on how we relate in bonded relationships and groups that individuals tend to react to or give their power over to. The Mayan Oracle is more about transforming yourself and caring more about how you see yourself, act, and feel for yourself. Individuals change the group, the group doesn’t change individuals. Ponder that! I’m sure some will disagree. Think of Tone 4.

In that way, we can truly transform our ideas of a necessary sacrifice to a necessary fullness of unconditional love that we share with others. We’re not giving it away. There is reciprocation which is a prime factor in Reiki and self-healing.

  • The Moon continues to transit Aquarius until 3:54 PM EST, after which time the Moon is in Pisces. Uranus rules Aquarius.
  • With tonight’s semi-square between the Sun and Venus, we might watch for a tendency to go overboard seeking others’ appreciation. What we want to do and think we should do can be at odds now, and we may not be very productive with this kind of discontent. Ideally, we look for creative solutions for dissatisfaction.
  • The Sun and Uranus are heading toward a sextile, exact very early tomorrow, stimulating our willingness to adapt to new circumstances, ideas, and unfamiliar situations. Spirits are high, and we’re excited about change. Group connections can be enlightening, and we’ll do best for ourselves if we embrace flexibility and innovation. We might arrive at creative solutions to problems and make happy improvements now. While we can be excited about moving on, we should consider that the Moon is Balsamic, with a New Moon occurring tomorrow. As a result, it’s better to wind down, observe, and reflect.

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