Monday Daily Reading; Red 12 Crystal Dragon Cysteine RNA is On Deck for today’s DNA Evolution

We enter Harmonic Family 46; Lunar input to inform the flowering of challenges referring to the last kin of the harmonic; Yellow 2 Lunar Seed. This is governed by I Ching Hx39; Obstruction and Obstacles. The DNA nucleotide mediating the movement is TCC-Serine (Red Serpent). Tone 12 pulses to the left knee JOINT.

4D DNA Mutation for humans, animals, and plants

12Cysteine, 12Lysine, 12Glutamine, 12Asparagine, 2StopCodon. 5D mutation to the etheric body is 2Tryptophan. The focus here is on the brain and muscles. 5D Tryptophan encourages self-generation from the higher mind to the entire body.

Earth Holon

The poles are shifting more quickly and anomalies hitting earth are more frequent. Watch the vertical geomagnetic plasma tube on this one. This isn’t sci-fi. Ben did a good job on this.

The Red Dragon time portal is located at 30°N–30°E near Cairo Egypt. The portal encompasses southern China, India, and part of the middle east.

Interplanetary Holon

Neptune, Mars, Venus, and the Sun are mediating evolution today.

  • Venus and Mars form trines to the True North Node today, and we’re motivated to grow, improve, and pursue our desires. The N. Node tells us an aspect of our destiny. While some light competition could motivate us now, we are also more dedicated than usual to creating harmony. We might use our people skills or appeal to help us reach our goals. We could feel lucky in love or business, and we might make a fortunate connection. There can be an opportunity to reconnect and realign ourselves with our purpose. There is a sense that we’re heading in the right direction or that we want to take steps to grow and thrive.
  • The Moon spends the day in Aquarius, reinforcing a desire to mingle and share. Conversations later today can be notably heady or practical.

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