Friday Daily Reading; We See the World Around Us and Others as a Reference or Reflection of Our Own lives

I don’t think we realize we’re doing it but it’s natural to be a mirror in the world. We see the world the way we are, not as it is objectively. Sitting under the pulse of White Mirror we get to see how subjective we are. We’re the subject of our own lives and need, sometimes, to change our focus to other events and people. If we don’t keep turning the kaleidoscope we’ll think our perspective is solitary.

Body Holon

  • Theme is White 9 Solar Mirror or 9Tyrosine. It’s a refining kin pulsing to the left eye and head. Meditation
  • Analog is Red 9 Solar Dragon or 9Cysteine. It’s and initiating kin pulsing to the right eye and head. Creative energy.
  • Guide Power is Whit 9 Solar Wizard, a refining kin pulsing to the left pec/breast. Timelessness.
  • Antipode is Yellow 9 Solar Star or 9Leucine pulsing to the right abdomen and thigh. Inspirational.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Blue 5 Overtone Night or 5Alanine. It pulses to the right shoulder. Strength to endure.
  • 5gforce is White 5 Overtone Wind or 5Glycine. It pulses to the right neck and disperses as 5th density to the entire body. Presence of truth.

Earth Holon

Solar wind arriving over the weekend. Note his focus at the end. “The sun made me do it.” The sun affects us but it doesn’t control us.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Neptune and Maldek, Venus and Saturn less so.

  • The Moon continues its transit of bold, spirited Sagittarius until 11:27 AM EST, when it enters Capricorn.
  • The Capricorn Moon is responsible, astute, and security-oriented, and since Capricorn is a cardinal sign, it’s also action-oriented. This Moon grounds us on the one hand and stimulates our ambitions on the other.
  • With a Mars-Vesta alignment, we have a stronger ability to direct our energies into meaningful activities. We’re self-contained, not readily seeking help. We can feel especially dedicated and focused on a special pursuit today.


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