How is Gravity Related to DNA?

Gravity is a TWIST in space-time. So gravity could be DNA in space-time or 4D. Or gravity causes the twist or the DNA, to come into space-time from the cosmic web. It rains down from our local system.

Time happens at different speeds depending on the gravitational pull. We know that from planet to planet the length of one day is different. So time depends on gravity.

The space in between large galaxies is compressed and stretching and so is time.

Energy (which is a literal manifestation of A THING) is produced from the friction of the expansion and contraction of space-time. An example of energy is heat or fire. Fire is a noun. Fire is a literal thing. So is friction and it is the result of the movement of space-time. Please ponder this. It’s not abstract. It’s literal.

Gravity is the engine of time.

These notes I just found came from listening to Corey Goode talk about his time off-planet on the YouTube video

It can get a bit wild out there.

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