Sunday Daily Reading; A Chance to Fix Some Skywalker Karma by Attunement

I am doing a Reiki class and attunement today; Synchronicity. I Ching is Hx53, Development; Gradual Progress.

Body Holon

We enter a new harmonic family; HF44; Resonant Output. Express the intelligence of attunement
  • Theme is Red 4 Self-Existing Skywalker or 4Glutamine. Prophecy. Pulse is to the left upper thorax under the breast. Barak Obama, Bill Clinton and John McCain, a wayward patient and 2 wayward friends are this kin. There is a gestalt of 4SW karma.
  • Analog is White 4 Self-Existing World Bridger or 4Threonine. Death/Change. Pulse is to the right upper thorax under the breast. (Melissa S.)
  • Guide Power this morning is Red 4 Self-Existing Moon or 4Methionine. Universal Feeling. Pulse is to the right foot.
  • Antipode this afternoon is Blue 4 Self-Existing Night or 4Alanine. Abundance. Pulse is to the right shoulder. Nicola Tesla is this kin.
  • Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 10 Planetary Star or 10Leucine. Harmony. Pulse is to the right lower abdomen and thigh.
  • 5GForce is Blue 10 Planetary Hand or 10Isoleucine. Accomplishment. Pulse is to the right abdomen above the navel.

Earth Holon

  • Galactic Trigger Hypothesis
  • The Galactic Wave Current Sheet
  • Spiral Densiity Wave Theory
  • Nova Events are triggered by the stars

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mars∞, Mercury, Saturn, and Venus today.

  • The Moon spends another day in the sign of conciliatory Libra, and we are focused on creating balance and harmony.
  • The Moon’s squares to Venus and Mars this morning can nonetheless point to interpersonal and/or inner conflicts. A need for personal space may clash with relationship goals, and impatience is a possible downfall. Otherwise, this Moon transit helps us see the other side to a story or situation.
  • The Sun is in Pisces as well as Jupiter and Neptune; a fertile time of the imagination and ideas
  • Mercury and Saturn are in Aquarius; No seat belts on changing our societal structures
  • Venus, Mars, Pluto, and the Midheaven are in Capricorn. Relationships and feelings are becoming structured to balance with the rational mind.
Mars Sunrise

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