Saturday Daily Reading; Free Will is Sealed with the Electric Tone of Service

Body Holon

  • Theme is Yellow 3 Electric Human or 3Glutamic Acid. Free Will . Pulse is to the left abdomen above the navel. Shadow is a desire to control others who you judge as not worthy to be free. It will cause digestive problems to jolt you.
  • Analog is Blue 3 Hand or 3Isoleucine. Accomplishment. Pulse is to the right abdomen above the navel. Shadow is ego attachment to letters behind your name and a certain laziness. It will cause digestive probems to jolt you.
  • Guide Power is Yellow 3 Warrior or 3Histidine. Intelligence. Pulse is to the left arm. Shadow is intellectual laziness. It will cause trauma to the left arm.
  • Antipode this afternoon is White 3 Wind or 3Glycine. Spirit. Pulse is to the right neck. Shadow is atheism or anger at God when the problem is you. It will cause pain in the neck. (My son has this as a stubborn Red 12 Earth. His left neck pain is chronic until he lets me work on it.)
  • Hidden Wisdom is Red 11 Spectral Moon or 11 Methionine. Universal feelings. Pulse is to the right foot. Shadow is a lack of empathy which is a closed heart chakra which means you’re rempressing traumatic memory and your own pain. It will cause trauma to the right foot in some way to wake you up.
  • 5GForce is Yellow 11 Spectral Star or 11eucine. Art. Pulse is to the right lower abdomen and thigh. Shadow is a repression of your own creativity and physical beauty. It will cause trauma in the reproductive area to jolt you.

Earth Holon

He asks where the water on earth came from. According to the Urantia Book, the earth and the other solar system planets were disgorged from our sun 5 billion years ago. Earth came at the 4.5 billion year mark and was 1/10 its current size. So the source of our water is the sun, at least the hydrogen. Possibly it found some oxygen around and mixed with that. Voila…H2O and lots of it. The rise in oxygen gas on Earth was called the Great Oxygenation Event, which took place about ~3 billion years ago. It was caused by cyanobacteria, the first photosynthetic bacteria. (So, tell everyone you know that without BACTERIA we would have no oxygen to breathe. And don’t buy antibacterial products. We have sick care to blame for the demonization of bacteria.) They converted the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to oxygen. At first, this oxygen was captured by the Earth’s oceans and minerals, such as iron. After about 50 million years of steady production, oxygen began to build up in the atmosphere, where it persists today.

HF33 starts with Red 12 Crystal Moon which is universal feeling so it makes sense that water is a theme here. So is balancing the emotional and rational mind in humans for up level. We better be on about that if we want to survive.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by EARTH

She’s sentient; alive.
  • The Moon spends the day in balanced Libra, and we seek ways to even things out and smooth things over. We’re cooperative and fair-minded, especially with the Moon in harmony with Mercury this morning. We tend to make an extra effort to be inclusive, compromising, and polite. Our relationships can be in high focus. We weigh all perspectives and consider all possibilities with the Moon in Libra

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