Geomancy-Shamanism Vs. Science

My son’s response to the word geomancy is, “Mom, that’s just magic“.

Tell that to the professional dowsers used by developers to find where to dig a well. A dowsing rod tells them where the water is.” Tell that to the digital manufacturers who found out long ago that crystals conduct energy because ancient healers left information about how to make a pendulum to be used over the body with a crystal at the bottom to diagnose chakra misalignment. It moves on its own when held over a patient’s chakra. Tell that to patients who have had a limb severed and still feel pain in it. It’s the etheric body still sending messages to the CNS. I could go on about this. What humans have learned from geomancy is the basis for most of our tools and tech today. All of this is REAL intelligence, not artificial. What is artificial? It has no soul and no blood nor does it need a Mother or the Earth. Then it doesn’t belong here.

Reductionist science shored up by Newtonian materialism has wreaked havoc on the human species and the earth and tried to make geomancy subservient to it. It is not. It is supreme just as humans are if…we focus, which has not happened yet. I know there are about a million people who would love to take me to the mat on this but I see it’s fairly obvious in the outworking of what they have done. Just look around and be rational about our society. Obeisance to science and religious authority has gotten us where we are today…but everything happens for a reason.

Most humans have not been well enough physically or sophisticated enough to resist the onslaught by MSM and governments on our minds. This is a prison/slave planet and has been since…the global industrial era; scientific materialism, global industrialism, spiritual exhaustion! and pollution in our modern times.

In “The Mayan Factor” pages 142-146, Jose outlines the years for the psi bank timeline so we have a context within which we can understand all the changes as opposed to the last 2 totalitarian psychopath years of scamdemic. The context is 1855-today. The seeds were planted from 1855 to 1914 to foist a human genocide on us during WWI 1914-1918 which is 1,836,000 on the Tzolkin Harmonic Index. This was a galactic impulse toward a new cycle.

The climax of Power was seen in 1933-1953 during WWII, another planned human genocide which pulses quite strongly to today. Harmonic time is 1,843,200 for this. We saw the seeds planted to try to take us off of the Gold Standard with economic collapse and depression of world capitalism artificially overcome by the turn to a war economy of unprecedented magnitude. These were A.I. seeds hoping to make the earth a machine world run by cryptocurrency. The nefarious E.T. supported the human c%^&*. We are currently in the throes of controversy regarding fiat money (normal money) and cryptocurrency which will work very nicely alongside A.I. Lovely.

We need to accept how out of alignment our submission to incorrect authority has been and let it go. We have to let the past go and realize that it was taking us onto a bad timeline similar to that of Maldek which was destroyed and turned into the asteroid belt. We have to move away from accepting A.I. as inevitable (MSM narrative) and instead make ourselves, our bodies, and our free will inevitable.

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