The Psi Bank

The Psi Bank Matrix Controls the Earth Holon. From Earth Ascending page 31, Map 1

Imagine this as one of those Easter egg sleeves that you dip in the dye and it shrinks around the egg. The egg is the earth. The earth has four seasons which you can see divide the holon by 90° by looking along the bottom; 0, 90, 180, and 360. This is a picture of 8 Tzolkins but the Tzolkin on top covers the North Zone of Earth and the bottom one covers the South Zone below the equator.

This warp represents the celestial, heavenly, and electromagnetic weave of the psi bank as time. The latitudinal woof represents a terrestrial, biological, and historic pattern. Encoded in the Psi Bank warp are four sets of binary triplet configurations set ninety degrees apart, conjoined at the zero latitude or equatorial line. The four ninety-degree divisions encompass the surface of the earth.

The primal symmetry and primordial order of the warp pattern of the psi bank matrix distinguish it as the aboriginal generative field from which all other patterns, systems, structures, and orders of being and knowing are derived. The most primary of these structures is the binary triplet configuration. 2/3 is the N. Polar Zone, the Zone of Transformation, and the South Polar Zone. On our bodies that would be our head, thorax, and lower extremity. The binary is that each Tzolkin is divided bilaterally, just like our bodies, down the middle and visibly separated by the spine. However, that is not the case. Right and left on our bodies are ONE. Whatever happens on the left affects the right and vice versa. Just as our bodies are ONE WHOLE so is the earth.

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