SSP and Earth Alliance Destroys Elon Musks Starlink Satellites: From Corey Goode

This warms my heart on Valentine’s Day. SSP Alliance and Earth Alliance are one of the good arms of the U.S. military.🇺🇸-Lisa T.

“The Secret Space Program Alliance has admitted that they and the Earth Alliance were behind an operation to destroy a number of Star-Link Satellites as well as a couple of other commercial satellites that were part of Elon Musks plan to use his Neurolink project as a network to connect and control to all of the brain chip implants and nanotechnology that parts of the shadow government have secretly been putting in our bodies for years.

Spokespersons from the SSP Alliance admitted that the satellites were taken out by directed EMP weapons aboard one of their spacecraft. The SSP Alliance commander stated that Elon and his Deep State partners are well on their way to completing their very own SKYNET constellation of satellites similar to those in the movie Terminator.

We were told that more and more information about Elon Musk and the Mad Scientists that work for him will be coming out in the next year in a half in an effort to wake up humanity to the danger of Transhumanism and the direction Elon and the Deep State want to take our civilization. Read below how Elons scientists tortured Monkeys in their experiments with brain chips. Do not allow yourself to be deceived into Transhumanism.”

HORRIFYING EXPERIMENTS Elon Musk’s Neuralink test monkeys ‘were tortured suffering from brain hemorrhages, bloody rashes and self-mutilation’ –

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  1. Elon Musk is one version of Jeffrey Dahmer, Charles Ng (their group switches places to act as them on news stories.); Clive Barker, named after David Berkowitz’s schizophrenic dog talking incident. Tesla was stolen from it’s original creators, and one of the owners, Tarpenning, is supposed to be Tom Owens from the band Sodom, his name a reference to the song “Tarred and Feathered”. I’m not totally sure what’s going on there, but I’m told that they kidnap children to use for “horsepower” and electrical mental energy to study microchips. Similar to what is being done to the study monkeys supposedly driving video games with their brains.

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