Monday Daily Reading-Incorrect Information is Corrected When we Move From Reductionist to Holonomic Analysis

There is no holonomic analysis in the media or science except for David Bohm, Jose Arguelles, and maybe Rupert Sheldrake in Physics, Time Science, and biology.

Earth Ascending is not speculation, but a precise set of keys, a code, a matrix, and ultimately a display of the underlying patterns governing the conscious experience of life on this particular planet. Everything is resonant with everything else

Earth Ascending, Jose Arguelles, Pg29

Body Holon

We land on dissipating and dissolving Tone 11. It pulses to the LEFT hip joint. The body QI is predominantly moving on the left or dharmic side. The only one on the right is the theme. There should be low pain today but plenty of intuitive lessons coming through if you’re listening rather than flailing. In meditation, scan the left side of the body.

  • Theme is Blue 11 Spectral Hand or 11Isoleucine. Accomplishment. It pulses to the right digestive area above the naval.
  • Analog is Yellow 11 Spectral Human or 11Glutamic Acid. FREE WILL. It pulses to the left digestive area above the naval.
  • Guide Power is Itself-right
  • Antipode is Red 11 Spectral Earth or 11Phenylalanine. Navigation. It pulses to the left neck.
  • Hidden Wisdom is White 3 Electric Wizard or 3Lysine. Timelessness. It pulses to the left pec/breast.
  • 5GForce is Red 3 Electric Skywalker or 3Glutamine. Prophecy. It pulses to the left upper chest.

Earth Holon-Psi Bank

There is a universal resonant mechanism. The name given to this common structural resonant mechanism is the binary triplet configuration. This configuration prepresents both primary structure as well as primary process. It is the pattern underlyiing the PSI BANK MATRIX, (the Van Allen Belts around the earth), the key resonant pattern for all life, purposive intelligence and conscious behavior on this planet.

Earth Ascending pg. 29

The Psi Bank is the earth’s mind, body, and soul. No scientist or astronomer will see it that way or say it. Jose did and I am. We do because it’s ancient truth repressed by the c%^&* time thieves on this prison planet and their incorrect work (illuminated by Ben Davidson)via their institutions like NASA, the Nat’l Weather Service, and The Church. It’s shamanic understanding and international holism that has allowed our species to thrive to 8 billion people. Western sick care, dominated by big Pharma and big Tech, has wreaked havoc on humans for the most part despite the media narrative to the contrary. The stats don’t shore up the idea that Americans are the happiest and healthiest on the planet. That’s only because most are zombied out on T.V., sports, and work. I love Americans and our history but not our current culture or current government that is inhumane.

We are in I Ching Hx62; Preponderance of the small/conscientiousness as far as movement in the global DNA evolution. The nucleotide governing is TAT or Tyrosine; White Mirror-Meditation.

In space, we land on the Extra Hieratic Leaf North at 30-60°. It is the Atlantic Winter Plate II.

In Time we are in the holonomic Field on the AC strand (Aboriginal Continuity), Plate VIII

Interplanetary Holon

Blue Hand is mediated by Earth.

  • 6:18 AM EST, after which the Moon is in Leo. The Leo Moon is more expressive, competitive, and outgoing.
  • Mercury enters Aquarius today, where it will stay until March 9th. It first moved into Aquarius on January 2nd, but turned retrograde on January 14th and retreated into Capricorn on the 25th. While Mercury is in Aquarius, we are hungry for knowledge and open to new and original ideas. Our thinking is progressive and objective. Our communication and thought patterns are spontaneous, objective, and perhaps fragmented.
  • Pluto forms a trine to the True North Node of the Moon. This long-term transit intensifies our passion for making a difference, a change, or a connection. We can feel strongly connected to people or groups at this time. A powerful and intuitive sense of what people want or need can figure strongly now, for better or worse. The desire to make deep, long-lasting changes or overhauls to existing systems or attitudes is motivating now.


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