The Fountain of Youth. Alan Watts On The Eternal Now” on YouTube

I am the one saying that the CNS, the axis of the eternal present is the fountain of youth. It literally is. The link below is Alan Watts

I have a comment on what Alan Watts said about J.C. He made the universe and all sentience in it but he is not “in charge” of it. He is a loving administrator but all sentience is in charge of it. We have free will. We are all co-creating creation with Christ. I wish people would get busy making sure they are doing their part instead of waiting for J.C. to do everything.

This follows on the heels of my post on meditation for the CNS, the brain, and spinal cord. Our soul sits in the dan tien below the navel and its source is T10, the lower thoracic spine.

Your brain and spinal cord are not flailing around on the planet like the fleshy ego body. Your brain and spinal cord are still. When you meditate and feel your eternal spirit in your head and spine you are accessing timelessness, who you are in God and there is no death; HF33. This body doesn’t have to die and you can transition from this planet when your work is done here.

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