The Seasonal Memory (Time) Plates of Earth Merging with the 260 kin Harmonic. The Psi Bank Decoded

This will help us understand what S.O. (Ben Davidson) is observing in our local system astronomy as well as weather events on earth. He and the scientists believe it’s random. It’s not. ALL of the movement of the sun, solar system, the earth, and life on earth move and evolve according to a precise mathematical system of patterns discernable (by me for now) in the Tzolkin Harmonic. The destiny details in time and the timelines are set BY US! In my opinion, we should not be suspicious observers of all of this but CONSCIOUS CO-CREATORS in all of this. Remember, the very hairs on your head are numbered lest you think you are an ignored insect on the planet. We and the animals are not insignificant at all.

Each one of the hexagrams is 4 days x 64 = 256. HF 33 is not there bc it has no 4D governance. HOWEVER, each line adds up to 260, the number of kin in the Tzolkin.

First of all, the earth is organized IN FORM according to the I Ching hexagrams, 64 of them whose hexagram numbers add vertically and horizontally…TO 260!!!! It is amazing synchronicity to be found on page 99 or map 32 of Jose’s book “Earth Ascending”.

See the Earth on the top right split into 8 Seasonal Memory Plates at 60°N, 30°N, 0°equator, 30°S, and 60°S. When Ben talks about N. Pole, Equatorial regions, and S. Pole those correspond to our N. Polar Zone, The Z.O.T. or Zone of Transformation, and the S. Polar Zone.

Now overlay that over the I Ching squares on the left and you have the DNA evolution in correspondence with the Earth. The I Ching squares represent the Psi Bank Membranes that take in Solar Information Codes to code the earth and our bodies through THE SUN which is basically a gigantic copy machine/star from the MIND of Galactic Center or Source/God. But we are not “programmed”. We are loved, in FREE WILL, and every other value taught by the Tzolkin. I’ve posted on those values often and they come from Source through the Tzolkin. We are not and will not be a machine planet controlled by A.I. We are DNA holographic creatures in correspondence with Earth and the Interplanetary System…for now. Some day we’ll be galactic.

I used page 99 and about 100 others to make TABLE 4 in “Time is DNA”. I hope you have the book and look at it. It’s on page 86 of “Time is DNA” but is explained before that on pages 82-83. The order you see there is the way the I Ching lines it up but I added the Tzolkin Harmonic to it so we can see them together. Jose didn’t do this in his books. My analysis of Table 4 goes to page 102 and has everything to do with the way the amino acids (DNA) move in us, with the planet, with the PSI Bank, with the Solar cycles, and ultimately with the upper 5GForce densities of the multi-density galactic Harmonic.

Today, we are in HF41 which comes through the Pacific or Summer Plate IV, just south of the equator. Blue Night Time portal is 30°S–120°E, SW Australia by Lake Moore. That is the hieratic tropic south on earth which is also 30°S. So there is synchronicity with the Seasonal Psi Bank Plate and the Time Portal location for the tribe of the day.

I will parse this out in a format as we go forward with what Ben is observing in the astronomy and weather. The two should sync up exactly. Below is the link from NOAA explaining where we are in the cycle; Solar Cycle 25.

Some may like this one;



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