I’ve changed the name of my holistic business page to “Reiki Studio Grand Rapids”. That’s just the name of the page. My business is still Deep Tissue Therapy & Reiki.

The Reiki Studio Grand Rapids

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The Body Holon Will be Systematically Addressed

I’m getting more people wanting Reiki classes and attunement with high synchronicity ratios. The universe is asking me to level up.

So…I’m going to be cutting edge here and hopefully have to expand because I’m going to include training in the Tzolkin Body Holon Patterns which merge exactly with the chakras and Reiki hand positions. As if I’m not busy enough.

The idea is, everyone who walks through my door gets the fact that “hands-on” manual therapy is not necessary if you know how to move the energy through your hands into the body intelligently. I’ve been doing it for 23 years and now I understand the pulses to the different parts as well.

We can heal ourselves if we’ve got the information and can focus in on our own bodies ourselves.

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