Meditation to Raise the Frequency of the CNS-The Fountain of Youth

This one way to position your body. There are many.

The Central Nervous System of humans, the brain, and the spinal column, are The Axis of the Eternal Present according to the Mayan Harmonic System that illuminates the transcendence of our DNA as an inner healing method. DNA is in the nucleus of every one of our trillion cells in our bodies. It is rigid and only 2% of the genome. The other 98% is the ever-moving, ever jelly-like, ever uncontrollable to the geneticists, RNA or ribonucleic acid. That’s where YOU come in. We can program our RNA ourselves which then can solidify into DNA in the nucleus of our cells. When you meditate, tell your body to focus in on molding your RNA the way you want it. Pick a specific area of your body that you wish to heal if it’s been traumatized or just bothers you.

This is not minor folks. It’s literal in our manifestation, tone 10 that perfects, then dissolves and liberates with tone 11, merges and folds with collective tone 12, and rockets to cosmic tone 13 for our ascension.

There are 7 base chakras or energy centers in the center of the body but because we know we are evolving, there are now 12, maybe 13. We see 12 here; I’m wondering if the 13 Tones of creation pulsing through the joints are where the axis of the chakras are?

  1. Earth Star and Root Chakra might pulse Tones 1 and 13 at the ankles and Tones 2 and 12 at the knees. Tone 1 is right, tone 13 is left.
  2. Sacral Chakra might pulse Tones 3 and 11 at both hip joints. Tone 3 is right, tone 11 is left.
  3. The Navel Chakra is the Dan Tien or seat of the soul. It’s pulse comes from T10, thoracic vertebrae 10 (vertebrae are diarthrotic joints) whose nerve root enters at the Dan Tien below the navel. This is your ancestral QI or connection to your mother “issues”. It’s the subconscious mind expressed in your Hidden Wisdom position in your Mayan Oracle Gateway. Tones 4 and 10 pulse through both wrists. Tone 4 is right, tone 10 is left. If you stand up and let your arms hang straight down, the wrists are at the level of the Dan Tien.
  4. The solar plexus chakra may pulse to tones 5 and 9 or the elbows. Tone 5 is right, tone 10 is left. If you stand and let your arms hang straight, the elbows are at the level of the solar plexus chakra.
  5. The heart chakra is already known by healers to have pathways to both shoulders, down the arms and into the palm of the hands. The shoulder joints pulse to tones 6 and 8. Tone 6 is right, tone 8 is left.
  6. The throat chakra or voice/creative expression center may pulse to Tone 7 which pulses to C7 or cervical vertebrae 7 at the base of the neck. Tone 7 is right in the center of your throat, where your vocal folds vibrate! That covers all 13 tones.
  7. The 3rd eye or the pineal gland, which is the source of TRUE SIGHT, pulses to Crown, Causal, Soul Star, and Stellar Gateway chakras, to the Upper Densities that allow remote viewing. Your skull and all pieces attached to it are the only bone in your head and it vibrates according to the pineal gland, not a bony joint. Just above C7 or Tone 7 which is the resonant tone, is the cranial nerve plexus of 12 cranial nerves that go into your skull so that speaks volumes about how our entire QI body resonates through our vocal apparatus and our creative selves. That all comes through the crown chakra and the upper etheric bodies and creates art and music. Time is art. All that vibration was certainly not meant for a green piece of paper that means nothing in Time, ultimately. You can’t take it with you. I’ve actually had a few patients say they wish they could. Now that is shadow folks. Time is Money is pure, 100% shadow.
  8. The 12 cranial nerves that any bodyworker who has any skill at all can work on are seen below. Don’t let a doctor mess with AXIS or C1. They are affecting the cranial nerves.
Cranial nerves

It is highly important to meditate daily on the activation of the CNS to a dynamic level. If your pineal gland isn’t spinning yet due to the virus or your own activation it needs to be now. We are lowering the dependence on the physical eyes and seeing more with the 3rd eye in the mid-brain which is the pineal gland.

The pineal gland makes its own natural melatonin so if you take synthetic or non-natural melatonin it’s blocking your pineal gland from functioning properly and can cause dementia. So the first item on the agenda is to get off of all synthetic brain or eye herbs, meds, hormones, etc. They are changing your brain otherwise.

The pineal gland is a stargate and allows your mind to go into a delta or deep sleep state. It’s the unconscious mind and is responsible for dreaming. You have to sleep and dream or you will die. It’s essential for your brain that the pineal gland is functioning normally. Use THC gummies or Herb Pharm “Passionflower” tincture to help you sleep. There is also Herb Pharm tincture “Relaxing Sleep”. Also, nix the caffeine. It causes inflammation and dehydration in the body, both detrimental.

  1. Create a quiet area undisturbed where you can focus and breathe for 20 minutes.
  2. Observe how your head feels right now. If it hurts, press in on the two bony notches right up the bridge of your nose at the top, under the edges of your eyebrows and press with both index fingers. Then press across under the ridge of your brow until you get to your temples. If you have lower limbic pain at the base of your skull find your still point at the indentation at the back bottom of your skull and press up. Hold it and breathe. Don’t ever hold your breath. If you are, it means you don’t want to let something go. Tell yourself to let it go!
  3. Observe your breathing rate right now. Is it shallow and fast or slow and deep, into abdomen expansion caused by the lungs? You want the latter if you’ve been stressed so slow your breathing gradually.
  4. Close your eyes and check your brain movement. Does it feel like the midbrain is spinning? Fast or slow? I just checked mine while I stopped typing and it has completely changed now that I’m off of melatonin. It’s oval, rotating slowly, more toward the frontal lobe and is light blue. It’s working on cleaning up the energy connections in my brain and I feel like my old self again. I was on melatonin for far too long. If you’ve been a brain med or are on one, or using a toxin like alcohol, cigs, or other drugs, you have to go off of all of it to meditate and tune up spiritually. Do whatever you have to do to clean it up. Work with a holistic therapist. It will mean your life.
  5. Once you’ve got the pineal gland spinning as you wish, focus up with your mind and open the crown chakra. This is the stargate. Keep your boundaries and don’t just blast out into the universe not caring where you’re going. Have a sincere request if you wish to travel, but ideally, right now, you will be guided down into your body to examine what’s going on there through the chakras and Mayan Tones of Creation on the joints.

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