Visual For the Hologram

Radial Light expands and contracts

When you watch a movie in the theater they don’t show the picture with three different tracks; the image, the color, and the sound. All three tracks are overlayed and synced with each other so that you are watching a 2D movie as though it’s happening in 4D space-time. However, you’re really looking at a flat, 2D screen.

On earth, our bodies and life on earth are overlayed with the earth itself and the interplanetary holon. It is one holonomic projection of mind and intention. They aren’t separate from each other. Seperateness is an epic illusion. You can feel it if you lean into it. The mind can trick us here.

Similar to watching a movie, we believe we’re seeing more than we really are. The movie shows us 4D but we’re looking at 2D on a screen. We sit on our couch and believe we’re IN 4D but we’re really in all the dimensions and densities simultaneously and it’s the unified field. If you meditate with an open crown chakra and pineal gland you can see anywhere in the universe. Remote viewing is not difficult. It’s natural to us. It’s all ONE. Imo the unified field is both exponential and tiny at the same time, like a pinpoint.

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