Habits That Hinder Your Improvement

When I looked up an image they were mostly of one woman nicely eating one chip, touching it to her lips. Right. No one eats chips like that. They are fake images. I put three in my mouth at a time but not as many as she has in her hand.

We all have these habits that make us feel better quickly. I’m referring to whatever keeps you down at a hovering level so that you never quite get to where you want to be in Mind-Body-Spirit. They are all one and they are all DNA pulsing at different dimensions and densities. Sentient life is composed of DNA but DNA is not just 4D. We know from studying the Tzolkin that it is universal.

Corey Goode teaches;

  1. Raise your frequency
  2. Remedy your hindrances and appetites
  3. Identify You Distortions

Raise Your Frequency

What frequency? Your vibration rate which you can feel in your eyes and brain, how potent your thoughts feel, your energy level, your heart rate, and heart strength or pulse, how deep a breath you can take, and how long you can exhale. You raise your vibration through meditation, walking, Tai Qi, strength training and aerobic workout. This is the simplest one but you need to be at it 4 days a week. It’s important that you enjoy it.

Remedy Your Hindrances

I’ll start with myself. Being an introvert, a writer, preferring to be alone and not terribly close to humans is a hindrance to my networking. I don’t like being in close relationships with humans because I’m always disappointed. They either betray me, diss me, or die. My son says, ” I just never have any expectations and then I’m not disappointed.” Well, that’s just a lack of boundaries IMO. Consequently, I just have acquaintances or informal friends. That’s enough for me. I try not to think about who might come to my funeral and assume only a few would. It seems like an exercise in ego that I don’t have time for.

My high standards for behavior and self-respect are a hindrance. I don’t like to drink or get drunk and that seems to be a social hindrance but I have no remedy for that. Our culture loves to be mindless. I love to be mindful. You can see I haven’t made much of a dent here but I have at least identified what they are. I am very content in my work at home though and people come to my door for help.

Remedy your appetites: Right now it’s potato chips but I get over it and stop ordering them from the grocery store. I just say “Stop!” in my mind and command myself around. It works! If I have an appetite to be lazy I command myself to “Get moving!” I believe we do have to boss our lazy, indulgent selves around to achieve what we really want. I’m sick to god of being fat and want to be thin as I was in my 20’s. I’ve seen a lot of older folks do it. I know I can and I will. I am shrinking.

Identify Your Distortions

This is the hardest one and involves our feelings about ourselves. For example, I think I may have a distorted view of the impression I make on others.

I feel like I’m too intimidating for most men in my age group (45-60). The ones who pursue me are young men who are are bringing nothing I need, to the table. They want what I have but not vice versa. I do believe there may be someone out there who would dig me and I them. My radar is on but I love being single. No pressure to conform to a man’s needs and desires and they have a lot of them from us. The problem is, I have my own which they can’t help with.

I remedy this one by not thinking about it. I just live my life in a structured way and get my work done. It’s a focus issue. Why think about a possible someone over which I have no control. Synchronicity is in charge here. I’m already visualizing and setting intentions. You can’t obsess over this.

This exercise comes under your antipode and hidden wisdom. You must identify them with one of the apps. Both of those positions contain karma and the shadow side of your personality.

If you are a Red initiating kin, your shadow might be overbearing or purposely trying to intimidate others, just because you can. We are leaders but we need to do it being firm, not mean. Most red kin speak their mind but we have to if we’re going to lead. We will not tell people what they want to hear and thus we aren’t very popular unless that’s a distortion of mine?

If you are a White refining Kin it’s easy to be too gossipy or nitpick critically.

If you are a Yellow Ripening kin it would be easy to be impatient and want others to move quicker or be more intelligent than they are.

If you are a Blue Transforming kin it would be easy to compete and judge others who can’t transform or change themselves as easily as you can. The blue kin are pretty magical at getting a grip and then exceeding what we thought was possible.

These are just general ideas for identifying your shadow pieces. There’s always espresso and dark chocolate to cope while you’re working at it.

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