Wednesday Daily Reading; New Moon and Mercury Goes Direct Tomorrow. It is 2/2/2022. The Hidden Wisdom is Tone 2 World-Bridger

Body Holon

We are on Crystal Tone 12, cooperative and harmony. It pulses to the left knee joint. We are right side karma pulsing today even though eagle is dharma.

  • Theme is Blue 12 Crystal Eagle pulsing ro the left arm, dharma
  • Analog is Yellow 12 Crystal Seed pulsing to the right arm karma
  • Guide power is Blue 12 Crystal Hand pulsing to the right thorax digestion area karma
  • Antipode is Red Serpent right pec/breast karma.
  • Hidden wisdom is White 2 Polar World-Bridger pulsing to the right lung heart rib area karma.

Earth Holon

Interplanetary Holon


We are mediated by Jupiter today. Pisces aligns with it today making it sleepy.

  • The Moon continues its transit of Aquarius until 6:00 AM EST, when it heads into Pisces. Pisces Moon is gentle and kind, and its alignment with Jupiter magnifies and expands our compassionate feelings. We’re reaching for our joy, and we seek to grow, develop, and improve, primarily through embracing our emotions, empathy, spirituality, or downtime.
  • The Moon also forms a sextile to Mars, heightening our feelings and stirring our passions. While the Pisces Moon can be elusive, this transit improves our ability to meet challenges.


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