Posts Discussing A.I or mentioning it number 62 in this blog.

I don’t just blog what others say, I have plenty to say myself about A.I.

I recently re-blogged an A.I. focused post from a follower on here; Antonio Wesley. I re-blog others posts occasionally. No one ever re-blogs mine and honestly they should. They are intelligent and well written. I deserve some support.

To that end, go to “posts” on my menu on the homepage and search my 1500 posts on any subject you wish. Just hit the search icon at the top.

A.I. is a hot topic right now because Musk would like to brain chip us. Just because he’s the richest man on the planet doesn’t make him God. And no, he may NOT brain chip humans, because we said so.

If you search on A.I. or hit the button in Intuitive Categories you will find 62 original posts musing on the subject. And I am as adament against A.I. as I am “Time is money” attitude.

Thanks for sharing my work with others.

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