Natural Restoration of Sensory and Motor Function and the Treatment of Neurological Disorders

By this Dude? NOT.

Why would we call Mars or other planets a second home? Take a look at the article link below the quote. Why would we leave Earth rather than ascend our consciousness so we can make this planet the home we’d like it to be? If we were able to accomplish that, the elite c%^&* would not be able to control and profit from our resources and our enslavement here. They are doing everything possible, including using Musk as the Poster Child for the A. I. Prophet Beast to advance their profit/control agenda that will destroy the soul of the human race. This is not a machine-world matrix. This is an organic planet evolving our DNA/RNA.

Because make no mistake, this new wave of technology is something gen z could embrace wholeheartedly. They are unique in a sense that they would have grown up around advanced tech. It is all they have ever known in the world while those introduced to tech could still live without it. But the thing to consider here is the social abnormalities that have occurred and separated those generations as a result. As if to say the price of becoming more advanced as people are to become less humane.

What this article suggests is incorrect. Not all of them will embrace A.I. wholeheartedly. They don’t embrace anything from older people wholeheartedly. They don’t trust any of us and rightly so.

I have a 23-year-old. Yes, I’m afraid he may be full of higher density nanites that are blocking his spiritual reach to Source and he discusses it with me all of the time. I have him in my meditation constantly, do protective spiritual mudras around him as his Mother which I hope every mother does for their child these days, and raise him with practical faith, not religion. I believe he is protected from the beast and his soul is in the hands of J.C. His father and I requested that at his birth so it’s mutually agreed upon. Parents have spiritual authority! That and I breastfed him so his immune system is top-notch human L.K. Townsend brand. (Synchronicity, as I type, is that today is his birthday (Red 12 Crystal Earth)

Tech is NOT all they’ve ever known. Most of the parents I know also raised them up in nature, holism, the arts, extended family, and social events. His father and I did! So…my son is not socially abnormal at all. He’s healthier socially than I was because his father and I didn’t hit him over the head with slavery to money and societal institutions! We raised him like hippies sort of, to be free and express himself. He’s realistic about money but in no way does he love it. That is what destroys children.

Parents show them by example that “Time is Money” and have no spiritual life at all; are agnostic or atheist so their children’s God is society and CNN. My son loves his friends and his family and hopefully himself. Also, I was born in 1963 and there was tremendous pressure to have sex, become a party drunkard and follow orders. My son has none of that. In addition, they feel no heteronormative pressure that we did. His friends sexually identify with whatever they feel.

I think GenZ is MORE humane than any previous generation has been because they are independent and lead. These kids don’t follow or obey so good luck to the Reptilians and Orion group trying to turn them into machine zombies. F..k Elon Musk and the other A.I. prophets. Our kids were raised by us and the universe has our kids’ back. They are the ones doing the great resignation because they don’t care what the adults think is normal. They know it’s total slavery and inhumane. I taught my son not to tolerate B.S. and he doesn’t.

screen shot of generation z evaluaton
Dude, There are 168 hours in a week! 15.4 is a fraction.

Does the person who wrote this article have any kids?

Human default setting is to migrate, have community, farm, and procreate. Scientifically speaking, that is the most primal side that will always stay with us. Today, most people would agree that conscious morality is the most celebrated version of humanity that we know of.

The Article cited above

In what shape and in what form will these treatments be? Take a look at the work of Dean Radin, “The Conscious Universe-The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena”. He and many others have done a lot of research in PSI research including Sony, Contel, and the U.S. Army. He delves into telepathy, perception at a distance and through time, mind-matter interaction, and psychic phenom with animals.

Treatments such as Reiki, chakra balancing, Crystal bowls, Music therapy with specific Hz alignment, all holistic medicine, Chinese medicine including acupuncture, Qi-Gong, Herbs, and more will all come to the foreground as healthcare. Tech-driven sick care will drop away because it doesn’t work, is ripoff monetarily, is not empowering for the patient, and it’s not in line with human values or experience. In short, it’s all fake; fake as in artificial…everything. It’s not even intelligent. It’s artificial stupid so it’s A.S. Let’s coin a new acronym for A.I. A.S.S. Artificial Stupid S…t.

With that change, it is potentially allowing people to have more free time on their hands. Because essentially, they could have the tech necessary to do the work for them.

The Article

That’s just insulting. Notice they said “free TIME”. A.I. is about controlling time, which is us, not freeing it. Time is DNA (Us) and by default, lacking DNA and believing themselves to be superior as do the A.I. prophets, their motto would be, “Time is A.I.” “You stupid humans go and play with your belly buttons and leave us to control your world, or what you think is your world.”

There is nothing about A.I. that will tolerate humans as creative co-creators. If it is allowed to replace humans that haven’t evolved into highly creative, intelligent people (most have not yet) and thinks that it is better than humans, we’re done for. Then they will find it rational to eliminate humans and will be able to rationally bypass anything programmed into them like “Never kill a human, ” assuming they are programmed that way. Some A.I. bot will be able to rationalize killing a person! It’s a no-brainer, pun intended even though I accidentally punned. Can a robot accidentally pun?

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