Examining March 17, 2022, kin208-209


Uranus in Taurus retrograde is over. Since August 2021, it was causing difficult rebellion in all things Taurus; money, security, banking, crypto, the throat, and comfort. Note that the new varient of CV2 omicron’s symptom is a sore throat!

Uranus rules Aquarius. The Sun entered Aquarius on January 22, 2022 so we and our institutions are getting a major shakeup in the way they run. See my recent post from Pars Kutay, Portal 22:22. There is more though in this season of shifting.

In the higher density Harmonic we have the issue of the time tunnels to Uranus (Age of Aquarius) becoming unblocked as well. This is 5th density movement. That blockage occured a long time ago and created the time warp we’ve been in for millenia. The end of this retrograde coincides with the shakeup in the Uranus transfer cell that is Red Earth-White Wind and Yellow Warrior-Blue Night. Those are mediated by Uranus and Saturn and are the source of the time theft.

Why did they do this at the 208th kin and what is going to happen on March 17th on kin 208, Yellow 13 Cosmic Star when it comes around again during ascension? I was brought to this subject for you by my Higher Self. Let’s examine this a bit.

We just went through HF33 and finished the Central Channel or the spine of the holon, the axis of the eternal present. HF33 is preceded by Yellow 11 SPECTRAL Star- kin128, or a dissolving of harmony. Then we hit Red 12 Crystal Moon, kin129 as the first kin of HF33. After that is kin130, White 13 Dog, the center of the Tzolkin and our bodies, the dan tien right below the navel. It vibrates with sacral chakra 2, human emotion. This is also ancestral QI given to you by your mother in utero as you were connected to her by the umbilical.

The nerve root out of T10, thoracic vertebrae 10 innervates our dantien or seat of the soul. Reminder: there are 33 vertebrae in synchronicity with HF33; 7 cervical vertebrae, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 9 sacral and ischial fused vertebrae, ischial curving under going into the body. It used to be our tail. We call the top one the tailbone.

In HF 52 where the time theft happened in ancient history it was Yellow 13 Cosmic Star and Red 1 Magnetic Moon, a difference of 2 kin for both. In the body we are seeing a change in Leucine and Methionine. Leucine is a signaling molecule in humans according to science and in the Tzolkin Harmonics’ Signal Family. Big synchronicity.

Methionine is the star of the sequencing show as the Start Codon. So there is the set up as humans QI was supposed to rev up to magic levels except the time thieves tripped us at the starting line or more aptly the starting timeline which is naturally 13:20. They changed it to 12:60 to hijack the female/mother energy on earth thus our gender problem and patriarchy as well as demonizing #13. Mother Spirit and Father God are EQUAL in power at galactic center. You’re not supposed to know or belive that even by Christian teaching. Time/DNA/Power thieves.

Next is White 2 Dog then Yellow 3 Human in HF52….to be continued. I’m still vibing this out.

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