Chicken DNA…omg. Comedy for the Weekend

Here is an amazing chicken.

They probably have almost the same genes as humans.

I digress because we eat these creatures…a lot. Imagine going to the grocery store and the chicken thighs and legs were always connected and the butcher insisted on calling the whole package “chicken legs”? It wouldn’t happen. The butcher knows his anatomy.

YET…humans, my patients, who think we are so much smarter than animals INSIST on calling their own thigh and leg “their leg”. They fight me in my office and correct me on this. It’s not.

Like a chicken, you have a thigh… and a leg… joined by the knee where the twain shall meet. Anatomically they are very distinct so please refer to your thigh as your thigh and your leg as your leg and post a video when you can play the national anthem with your beak, I mean your nose, on the piano.

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