A.I. Information From a Fellow Follower of Time is DNA; Antonio Westley. The link is below

I wrote this beginning part. I’m just reblogging Antonio’s link below.

The SOURCE or GOD of Artificial Intelligence is Real Intelligence for the God of Humans and all DNA Life in the Grand Universe. A.I. can only exist because SOURCE started everything. The Machine World is in no way original except that it sucks. It has no DNA, no blood except for what it’s stolen from humans, no real power, no creativity, no real emotion, no real soul, no real evolution, and most notably, no Mother which A.I. Prophets love. The patriarchal, A.I. mantra is to kill the women and children first and make sure the males control everything. It’s essentially Reptilian and Grey. Those E.T. have a mama problem.

It’s like eating McDonald’s every day which Elon Musk would love our children to do with a “Happy Meal” or rather, “A S.A.D. Meal” Standard American Diet and buy Dogecoin. (White Dog Tribe, Love and Loyalty, eviscerated as eCoin). He’s trying not to miss a marketing beat. Notice the dog’s arms are outstretched and tied as though on A CROSS. He’s behind it laughing. HF33, Kin 130. The Trinity (J.C.). In the meantime, share this with your friends and BOYCOTT all of it.


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