Saturday Daily Reading; Making Something From Nothing-Magic

Body Holon

How is your left abdomen and thigh into the knee feeling today? We are mainly pulsing to that area. Use the violet flame in meditation as a visualization clearing that area.

Events to consider clearing;

  • Ectopic pregnancy in the left fallopian tube, creates scar tissue and neuropathy into the knee.
  • Athletic accident to any of the muscles from the left abdomen down to the knee.
  • Childhood accidents in that area, crashing a bike, falling out of a tree, falling off of a swing and more.

It doesn’t go away folks just bc you forget it. Even past-life memory can hang in there. If it hurts, you have cellular memory or DNA CA memory in the nucleus of your cells on the CA strand of the past. How is that for manifestation and not an abstraction? My work is not abstract-it’s literal. Memory is LITERALLY IN your body. You can meditate it and Reiki it away.

  • Theme is Blue 8 Galactic Monkey
  • Analog is Yellow 8 Star, the right side same area.
  • Guide Power is Blue 8 Galactic Eagle pulses to the flesh of the left arm.
  • Antipode is Red 8 Galactic Dragon and pulses to the right eye and face.
  • Hidden Wisdom is White 6 Rhythmic Dog and pulses to the left foot.
  • The GForce is Red 6 Rhythmic Moon and pulses to the right foot. With both feet pulsing we are dealing with aligning our grounding.

Earth Holon-Watch “Big Sunspots, Cosmic Revelation, Special Video | S0 News Jan.29.2022” on YouTube

The geomagnetic system around the earth is in trouble. It has been but it’s getting worse.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by VENUS GOING DIRECT today.

  • Early today, Venus stations and turns direct after almost six weeks of retrograde motion. Gradually over the next few weeks, matters ruled by Venus (including love, pleasure, and money) should move forward more straightforwardly. Our confidence in ourselves and the universe builds, and we express warmth and affection more comfortably, openly, and directly. Tact and diplomacy re-emerge, and more clarity is likely to come to our love and social relationships.
  • However, while the shift occurs today, we can be confused or disoriented. It’s best to be patient and take our time processing our feelings.
  • The Moon ends its transit of Sagittarius and enters Capricorn at 4:09 AM EST. The Capricorn Moon is responsible, alert, and practical.
  • With the Moon’s alignment with Mars this morning and Venus tonight, we’re more fully connecting with our need for organization, plans, and structures. We can feel pleasantly ambitious.

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