Whhhaaaat? Musk’s Rocket Headed Into the L.O.C.


Now Musk is going to let his rocket hit the L.O.C.? To hide the evidence?

They have every reason to sabotage their evidence but I don’t think they’ll get away with it. The Lunar Operations Command is a huge complex. The s… is hitting the fan for A.I. and the c+×÷=/.

(Editing this in November 2022, they attacked the ICC at the LOC as well, per Corey Goode, only a few months ago so the LOC is under attack. Corey said it’s been known as NEUTRAL ZONE politically. Please remember the reason JFK was assassinated per the Michael Salla video. You can find that by searching on JFK from the home page.)

Our Moon, only 2 minutes away by E.T. ship is a big deal right now. Humans need to stay in charge of it, or at least the GGLN.

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