SSP Update From Corey. This Sounds Like Sci-fi But by My Estimation, it is Not. 20 Minutes Long. Synopsis is Below.


  • Most disclosures have been compromised outside of the SSP Alliance. There is no security outside of the human community on Earth, each other and our neighbors. Our E.T. allies are The New Gaurdians, the Federation of Planets, and the Super Federation made up of different cultures and species.
  • You heard in the last video that GGLN is in alliance with the soon to be disbanded ICC (International Corporate Conglomorate) of Earth aerospace and tech companies profitting from human enslavment.
  • They function under Pre-Adamite, Old Religion, Illuminati, duped by the Orion groups.
  • In November 2021 the Mayan stepped in on a secret mission to spy on what was going on. They were attended by the Anshar delegation, Gonzalez, the Zulu Elder, Corey Goode and 4 Mayans. The ICC were now under surveillance.
  • They found out they wanted to expedite the trans-humanist, A.I. chipping of humans on earth because humans were waking up. They wanted to stop the awakening. All you have to do is remember our media back in Nov. 2021 a few months ago, how freaking ridiculous and fascist they were.
  • The ICC delegation went to the 3 motherships on Earth in Antarctica. They are 50,000 years old from the Maldek blow up that is now the asteroid belt.
  • The history of Maldek is there was too much dispute for resources by different Maldekian groups so one faction hijacked the ancient defense grid that surrounded our local cluster built by the Ancient Builder Race TWO BILLION YEARS AGO.
  • They used powerful ELM gravitational engines to pull 4D into a singularity connected to the Cosmic Web.
  • The Cosmic Web is an ELM plasmic channel of energy that connects all planets and galaxies within it, both in sub-space and 4D on ELM filaments
  • It kept outside E.T.’s from inteferring with our evolution since humans were brand new.
  • They thought The stable Super Gate Portal address would loop back on itself and would be safe. (I had a super viseral response to this when I listened. I knew it did not and could not just loop back on itself because it was part of the Cosmic Web. It was insanity to believe that Maldek could be SEPARATE from the rest of the cosmos and destroy their enemies, but this is how they were. Very elitist, very biased and wrong. They could not understand that we are all connected to each other and must bring each other along as best we can.)
  • The weaponization of the defense drid that was built with care by the Ancient Builder Race was ignorant-IMO. You cannot harm your stellar neighbors by using it to blast it into the cosmic web. This occurred 500,000 years on the past timeline. It destroyed them (us), not their enemies.
  • Mars was a moon of Maldek. At minute 9:00 you will hear the story from the Dream Spell of the journey to Earth with the White World Bridgers and the Red Skywalkers trying to save a remnant of humanity from the Maldek disaster.
  • The ancient defense grid collapsed. The Ancient Builder Race cooperated with the Orion groups. They accepted nanotech and didn’t realize it would END THEM. It’s already ending the Reptilians. Same thing. It kills your soul that comes from the Creator. A.I. and Nanotech is The Beast. It’s Luciferian.
  • Our ICC and C$%^& trace “their lineage” to Pre-Adamite bloodlines. (Right). They are called the Progenitor RAce or the Old Gods of Atlantis. The Pre-Adamites are responsible for the negative timeline on Earth for most of the millenia humans have been here.
  • So the ICC recently, a month ago, decided to go to the Pre-Adamite motherships in Antarctica and awaken the Old Gods. They got that timing wrong too which you’ll here toward the end of the video and did the ritual B.S. blood sacrifice B.S. and it blew up in their faces. They are done now.

January, 2022-All humans on the planet have the power now to decide what we want from within ourselves. Our bodies have all we need. The details are in my book, “Time is DNA” We can control our own time and become TIMELESS (White Wizard-Timelessness). It’s in the center of our bodies from our soul, HF33. White Mirror (Meditation) will help us get there. Our minds and bodies need refinement by THE REFINERS.

The definition of aging is cellular stress. Cellular stress is caused by anger and grief and not forgiving those that have foisted wrongdoing on you or you on them or both. I got this message this morning.

We can be timeless physically by sitting in the center of the double strand of our DNA which is one strand of the past and one strand the future. If we can release the past and forgive in our bodies we are magnetically drawn back to soul center IN our body where there is no past or present. No stress. It’s the fountain of youth. The hard part is overstepping our ego that likes to say, “You owe me an apology because you were wrong.” It keeps us locked in a karmic cycle which is stress, which is aging.

Lisa K Townsend, 13 Skywalker

There are many people who have written about techniques for forgiveness and it has nothing to do with the person in error or evil getting away with it. We all have karma and dharma in differing amounts and it will boomerang back to you. If you know you did something wrong you don’t have to wait for the person you wronged to forgive you. FORGIVE YOURSELF. It does help if the wronged person will listen to an apology but maybe they aren’t even alive or available. You also don’t have to wait for the person who wronged you to apologize. Just let it go so you are free from them knowing that they will reap their own karma. The Universe (and destiny cycles in the Tzolkin) are in charge of alignment. We are not personally in charge of the alignment of others. We are 100% in alignment with ourselves.

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