Saturday Daily Reading; Lightening. Nitrogen fixation. Space Weather Tryptophan


Our DNA, our brains and bodies and all life on earth is CATYLYZED by tryptophan which is a minor stop codon with its analog the sun. Lightning and earthquakes are archetypes in the holon for Blue Storm-tryptophan.

Tryptophan, an essential amino acid, is the largest of the amino acids. It is also a derivative of alanine, (Blue Night yesterday) having an indole substituent on the β carbon. … The indole nitrogen can hydrogen bond donate, and as a result, tryptophan, or at least the nitrogen, is often in contact with solvent in folded proteins.!!

What needs nitrogen fixation? Seeds store it in order to grow in the spring. All plant life uses it. Anything full of DNA relies on nitrogen fixation brought about by tryptophan, or Blue Storm.

Today is 1 Magnetic Yellow Seed!

Body Holon

Theme is Yellow 1 Seed with analog Blue 1 Magnetic Eagle. 1Valine, 1Arginine, 1Valine, 1Lysine, and 13Phenylalanine. Attributes are flowering, vision, flowering, timelessness in 5th density, and synchronicity in navigation.

Speaking of navigation, notice on the S.O. video below where Ben notes GPS applications at 1:25.

Earth Holon

We’re mediated by Jupiter today in the main but also Maldek and Uranus.

Watch “Extreme Lightning, The Sun’s Superflares, Earthquakes | S0 News Jan.22.2022” on YouTube

Interplanetary Holon

  • The Moon continues its transit of Virgo until 5:03 PM EST, encouraging a closer look at the small jobs and details of our lives.
  • While the Moon’s trine to Pluto (Sun and Blue Storm) helps us focus, its square to Mars in Sagittarius can be distracting. Impatience isn’t easy to control.
  • The Moon moves through Libra from 5:03 PM forward, motivating us to harmonize. Cooperation comes more easily with the Moon’s trines to the Sun and Mercury.
  • The Sun and Mercury are heading into alignment, exact tomorrow morning, and we can be doing a lot of thinking or intellectualizing now.


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