Review on the Body Holon. Resolve Your Physical Hindrance on the Area that Pulses to Your Tribe or to a Close Family Member or Mate

Many times your personal tribe area will be fine but if you’ve had a rough relationship with someone close to you, that part of your body will give you fits until you can take your power back that you gave over and let it go. If they took your energy, you let them. Or it may be karma-related. It may relate to your Hidden Wisdom tribe or your Subconscious mother position too.

  • 0 =20-Yellow Sun-right top of the head. 19-Blue storm left top of the head
  • 1-Red Dragon-right eye, face, brain, pineal gland. 18-White Mirror, left eye, face, and brain, pineal gland
  • 2-White Wind-right neck/throat. 17-Red Earth, left neck/throat
  • 3-Blue Night-right shoulder. 16Yellow Warrior, left shoulder
  • 4-Yellow Seed-right arm and hand. 15-Blue Eagle, left arm and hand
  • 5-Red Serpent-right breast/pec. 14White Wizard, left breast/pec
  • 6White World Bridger-right lung, heart, ribs. 13-Red Skywalker, left lung, heart, ribs.
  • 7-Blue Hand-right abdomen, intestine, stomach, all digestive. 12-Yellow Human, left abdomen, intestine, stomach, all digestive.
  • 8Yellow Star-right reproductive all, all thigh and hip tissue to knee. 11Blue Monkey-left reproductive all, all thigh and hip tissue to knee.
  • 9Red Moon-right leg/ankle/foot. 10White Dog-left leg/ankle/foot.

The Tones of Creation energy articulating with the body is not the same as the tribes. They pulse to the joints. Apply the Tone attributes to the reason for that lack of function in the joint.

  • Tone 1 is the right ankle joint. Note magnetic attributes with your app or this blog
  • Tone 2 is the right knee joint. Note polarizing attributes
  • Tone 3 is the right hip joint. Note electric attributes
  • Tone 4 is the right wrist joint. Note self-existing attributes
  • Tone 5 is the right elbow joint. Note overtone/radiant attributes
  • Tone 6 is the right shoulder joint Note rhythmic attributes
  • Tone 7 if Vertebra C7, the throat chakra. Note resonant attributes
  • Tone 8 is the left shoulder joint. Note galactic attributes
  • Tone 9 is the left elbow joint Note solar attributes
  • Tone 10 is the left wrist joint Note planetary attributes
  • Tone 11 is the left hip joint Note spectral attributes
  • Tone 12 is the left knee joint Note crystal attributes
  • Tone 13 is the left ankle joint Note cosmic attributes

For example; I’ve sprained my right ankle (White Dog Love) 3 times. It caused my right hip tissue to go far out of alignment (Yellow Star-Beauty and Art. My mother is Blue Hand-abdomen. I covered mine with weight for a good portion of my life to block my hurt feelings that my mother objectified me for my teenage beauty and talent and didn’t care about what I wanted for my life nor did she ask me when I was young. I didn’t feel she loved me then. (White Dog) Her wishes for a performance life for me were foisted on me. It’s all corrected now and I’ve forgiven her but it took work.

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