Big, Big Underground Volcano just Exploded Off of Tonga in the Ring of Fire

There are tsunami warnings for the CA west coast and as far north as Alaska. The coordinates of the island of Tonga by Australia are 21 degrees S–175 degrees W. The closest time portal vortex in this area is Yellow Star at 30 degrees S–150 degrees W.

If you note my previous post today on the Journey Board where I talk about a repeat of the time eruption at kin 208, Yellow 13 Cosmic Star, this would be an indicator of that or somewhat of a prophecy regarding the subject of that post. You might want to keep an eye on my posts daily and pass the word because I’m feeling this stuff in my body and getting remote view images sometimes as well BEFORE it happens. I also decided to post Ben’s videos again as he is doing a good job staying in touch with NASA getting the most recent astronomical images.

As so many in my field are saying, be sure you are not living on any coast on the planet, feel safe at your sea level, and have food and sundry items on hand stocked up. No Fear! Just prepare and think.


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