Saturday Daily Reading; Synchronicity between the Earth Holon, Body Holon, and The Sun in the Interplanetary Holon

Today is Red 7 Resonant Earth giving us new navigation coordinates if we’re tuned in. The Sun blast gave me a big signal last night and boggled my eyes. Then Ben posted at midnight PST and explained what happened on the Sun. It’s travelling to earth as we speak.

Body Holon

We are still in the Central Channel of the Harmonic and thus the focus is on the CNS, brain, and spine in the body. The neck and skull are particularly vulnerable right now for the next 3 days

Big time today

Our bodies are humming to Red 7 Resonant Earth in analog with White 7 Resonant Wind, probably solar wind. Guide power is Red 7 Resonant Methionine, Antipode is Blue 7 Resonant Hand, Hidden Wisdom is Yellow 7 Resonant Seed and 5GForce is Blue 7 Resonant Night. In short, our brains and minds are being recalibrated to be in sync with the shifts. That includes the earth’s mind, the Psi Bank which is explained in my book “Time is DNA”

Earth Holon

Resonant tone 7 has a boomerang effect on the earth so we will likely see many explosive accidents and eruptions in the next 2 days. I have a traveling headache and need to rest.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Uranus today in the main. Also, The Moon in Cancer, Earth, and Valine

  • From 11:11 AM forward, the Cancer Moon is protective and gentle. Its trine to Jupiter in Pisces boosts our feelings of joy and comfort with the world of emotions. (Red 7 Moon, the Guide power)
  • The Sun is heading into alignment with Pluto, exact tomorrow morning, lending a more ambitious, focused energy to later today.

The flaring sun in Aquarius in mediation with Uranus (Uranus rules Aquarius) indicates the solar changes are opening the time tunnels to earth or calibrating them or both. The Uranus time tunnels which run to the left sky foot and Right Fire hand are on the move.

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