Saturday-The Sun Blew a Major Filament Yesterday.

I knew Ben was going to post early. It was 4:45am yesterday and I was putting a sock on. I stood up and was very dizzy. My brain was boggling my eyes a bit so it was kind of scary.

I’ve been fine, healthy, working out, hydrated so my immediate intuition was the sun. I received this one prophetically because it hasn’t hit earth yet. That will be tomorrow night and I predict stronger than Ben says on here. I felt very strongly that something significant changed on the sun. I even saw it with remote viewing.

I immediately took 3 Chinese herb capsules for sinus and eyes that are antiviral and it kicked in a bit but I had to send my patient home and go to bed. Holy crap. That hasn’t happened in 22 years. The viruses are tied to the solar changes as part of our evolution.

Ben’s video is exact and he talks a mile a minute. I feel sick from this. Call it spaceweather head. It’s 10:08am est

When the earths magnetic field weakens so does our own physical field. It un-levels our pineal gland in the midbrain. It’s like a compass or our GPS system so pay attention to your head.

The earth’s magnetic field is weakening because of the sun. It’s not a joke. Be sure the area where you live can survive a quake or flooding and be prepared.

Earth is in flux and so are our bodies.

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