Time Heals All Wounds

The title above is an old phrase that has been said millions of times and been contested and resisted by the most determined in their grief in order to remain so. No one is trying to speed up the healing process but to just point out that this too shall pass. There is another very true phrase.

Individuals are free to stubbornly resist and I understand first hand having lost two babies, marriages and the extended families with them, and widowed twice.

However, my work on “Time is DNA” gives the post title a deeper meaning. The only thing that heals the body is the body itself. The body is one with the mind and the spirit. Self-healing, such as a wound to the flesh, is taken for granted but should not be. Let’s call it magic unless you want to read the full scientific post from my other blog. I’ll post it later. At least the process is magic-cal if you watch your wound close and disappear “in time”

Time does heal all wounds because wounds are to the flesh which is composed of DNA and DNA is time which heals itself. DNA heals DNA. Time heals time. They are equivalent. It’s obvious.

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