Thursday Daily Oracle; Empowering the Mind but Mercury Goes Retrograde Tomorrow. Heads up.

Reminder; We live in a HOLOGRAM. It’s not a simulation, it’s not an A.I. computer-generated world dominated by tech and will not be. We are nature, not machines or robots. We are a natural, organic, evolutional species filled with blood which is our QI consciousness which A.I. does not have, wants, will not have, never will have, because it doesn’t have a soul.

A. I. rejects Source as the Creator. If you really want to be a robot full of nanites, microchips and fake joints there are a few sorry species out there who sorely regret selling their souls to A.I. and are now predators of superior humans, especially children. We are co-creators with the Creator. Time is not money, Time is us and all creation (DNA).

Body Holon

  • Theme is Blue 5 Radiant Eagle or commanding vision. 5Arginine
  • Analog is Yellow 5 Radiant Seed or targeted flowering of intention. 5Valine
  • Guide Power this morning is Blue 5 Radiant Night or empowering abundance. 5Alanine
  • Antipode this afternoon is Red 5 Radiant Serpent or a radiant physical presence. 5Serine
  • Hidden Wisdom at sunset is White 9 Solar World Bridger or enlightened consciousness change. 9Threonine
  • 5GForce is Red 9 Solar Serpent or an enlightened physical body. 9Serine pulsing off of the antipode

Earth Holon

Galactic Center is flaring! I’ve never heard of that. I wonder if we’ll have a new harmonic in ten years. The aurora borealis will give us clues as time goes on.

Also, note the info. about “the bubble” at 4:04. Very curious to me. It seems like a womb for stars or cosmic babies born from the Loom of the 13 Moons. So, as the scientists call it random, we know that is incorrect. It is synchronicity according to precise math. There is no accident, random, chance, serendipity, or coincidence. Your friends will love you for calling that out but it’s the truth. It’s the shell of past micronova events? The sun is pulsing with it. Wow. It’s pretty tantalizing and makes my day less boring.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Jupiter in the main, then Saturn, Maldek, and Mars.

Jupiter mediates Blue Eagle∞Yellow Seed. It rules Sagittarius also.
  • The Moon spends the day in the sign of Gemini, keeping things busy and moving. We can be especially curious, spending more time than usual in our minds. The Moon in Gemini brings out the conversationalist in us, as well as a strong desire to keep things stimulating, even if that means hopping from one project to the next. We’re reasonable, logical, and communicative, and we seek contacts and activities that stimulate us and satisfy our need for diversity, variety, and knowledge. As focused as we may be on communicating and connecting, Mercury is heading to a retrograde station–it will turn retrograde tomorrow morning. We may get our signals crossed with the shift.-from

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