Wednesday Daily Oracle; A Calm Day to Center Yourself and Check Your Awareness of Timelessness and Time Happening at Once.

How do you check your awareness of Timelessness-Time Daily?

  • Notice how outside events and the world around us keep repeating themselves. It’s like a broken record. The more things change the more they stay the same outside of our personal lives.
  • The only things that really change your life are the things you change yourself, personally. They can be small, like the first thing you think about or feel when you wake up. You can choose what it will be instead of being habitual about it. You can change on which side to comb your hair and people totally notice. “Did you cut your hair?” You can change how you hold your body.
  • Body awareness and how you can change it puts you in Time or the ability to change anything. The body IS the mind.
  • How do you feel when you walk today? How are your muscles, hip joints, ankle joints, spine feeling? What can you do to change them?
  • Is your breathing calm?

Body Holon

  • Theme is White 4 Self-Existing Wizard or timelessness alone. 4Lysine
  • Analog is Red 4 Self-Existing Serpent or In-Body awareness alone. 4Serine
  • Guide Power this morning was White 4 Self-Existing Dog or Self-Love. 4Aspartic Acid
  • Antipode this afternoon is Yellow 4 Self-Existing Seed or Setting your targeted intentions for your personal life alone. 4Valine.
  • Hidden Wisdom at sunset is Blue 10 Planetary Hand or Planetary healing and accomplishment, in your own eyes, not defined by media or society. 10Isoleucine
  • 5GForce is White 10 Planetary World Bridger or Planetary change or death. One or the other will happen to each of us. We will not be going back to what was or what we called normal. We’re going forward into the future. 10Threonine.

Earth Holon

Ben is still in the ring wailing on climate scientists today. I agree will him on this but what is their motivation for blaming humans for the condition of the planet? Inducing guilt so that we are easier to control. Guilt is very negative and hits self-esteem. The dis-empowerment of MSM via the T.V. and our institutions has been incessant for 1000 years, c^&*( induced of course to force A.I. onto the planet to try to replace Source merging with our Souls.

Watch “Big Solar Eruption, Magnetic Universe, Spanking Scientists | S0 News Jan.12.2022” on YouTube

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Maldek/Mars/the asteroid belt dream spell that has been transferred to Mars.

White Wizard is a gateway kin at the root of the planet whose job it is to transmit from the cosmic web to earth and back. It is located at 60 degrees south–15 degrees west in the South Atlantic off of the South Sandwich Islands.

From Cafe Astrology. Our 4D lineup.

  • The Moon continues its transit of Taurus until 10:08 PM EST, harmonizing with Neptune, the Sun, and Pluto, and we seek comfort, harmony, and pleasure. The Taurus Moon is steady and sensible, and its transits encourage cooperation. We might aim to savor the moments and enjoy gentle motivation to care for those things most dear to us. We crave predictability–the Taurus Moon brings us down to earth.
  • The Gemini Moon from 10:08 PM forward is lively, busy, and communicative. This Moon encourages us to diversify, put our feelers out, and pick up new ideas or tips.

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