Tuesday Daily Oracle; 1-11-2022. Activating Prophecy

The date today is 1-11-22, yesterday was tone two, and the day before was magnetic tone one. 22 is double 11 and a master number. Today is Electric tone 3 and the date adds up to 9, a multiple of 3. So we have a smooth pulse of the Trinity onto the other side of HF 33. In addition to today being kin 133 showing that we are one kin past HF33.

We’re back into explicate order pulsed up another level on the spiral of evolution. The earth changes and our own physical and mental changes are where the rubber meets the road for those that clench around a manifested “reality”. It’s obvious.

Body Holon

It’s all about the CNS (Central Nervous System) in the body today.

  • Theme is Red 3 Electric Skywalker or electrified prophecy. 3Glutamine
  • Analog is White 3 Electric Worldbridger or electrified death/change. 3Threonine
  • Guide Power this morning is Red 3 Electric Earth or electrified synchronicity. 3Phenylalanine
  • Antipode this afternoon is Blue 3 Electric Night or electrified abundance. 3Alanine
  • Hidden Wisdom at sunset is Yellow 11 Spectral Star or Dissolving Beauty. 11Leucine
  • The 5GForce is Blue 11 Spectral Hand or Releasing Healing by dissolving the ego. 11Isoleucine. Leucine is in both of the spectral aspects which is dissolving part of the muscle or the body armor. Interesting.

NASA shades the truth sometimes but they don’t lie about the earth’s rotation speeding up and the world’s largest ice shelf cracking up and melting raising ocean levels 10 feet. We are on alert, not panic, to decide whether to stay or go. (I wrote this before I saw Ben’s video for today. LOL) I don’t hate NASA. But just like every other c!^&*-controlled institution they are either going away or will be reformed to the truth.

Earth Holon

Ben is in the “fight and destroys” mode on this one which actually puts him right in the line of fire. I’m not saying he isn’t correct sometimes but his ego is leading the charge. We’ll see how it turns out. I bet he’s an Aries; super confident, smart, and aggressive. We have targets on our heads. I don’t like beatings though-he does. Although, just wanting things to be correct and fair, coming from a female Aries makes us look aggressive. Aries makes everyone uncomfortable if we open our mouths. I accept it. I come from power in love, not control or violence.

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Mars today.

Mars has little to no fear

From Cafe Astrology

  • Mars forms a square to Neptune today, and we may struggle to focus on our priorities. Energy may be up and down, particularly if inspiration wavers. Motivation or energy levels may wane as we feel overwhelmed with possibilities and uncertain about our next step. Desires are hard to pin down. On the other hand, inspiration can come from unusual sources. There can be a change of course or a break from the action. We should watch for difficulties with boundaries and limits. Attempts to take the easy way out will probably backfire under this influence. From disappointment, we can find the motivation to make improvements, however.
  • The Moon in Taurus also asks us to slow down and reorient ourselves.

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