A Mayan Oracle Apologist

I’m going to attempt to defend unique elements of the Mayan Harmonic and how it functions versus the huge mega-media hit MATRIX movies. The formal definition of an apologist is a person who offers an argument in defense of something controversial. Consider that possibly, Jose used the word Matrix in certain kin (Tribes 17-20) in the dream spell to use the word to describe our stuff, not to align it with their stuff.

As a refresher, the Mayan Harmonic has

  • #17-Red Earth-the matrix of navigation
  • #18-White Mirror-the matrix of endlessness
  • #19-Blue Storm-the matrix of self-generation
  • #20-Yellow Sun-the matrix of universal fire

First of all, check this video out if you can follow it. You don’t have to absorb all of it as I’ve made notes and will contrast it with our Mayan Harmonic on this post.

The Matrix Oracle is not the Mayan Oracle
  • The focus in the Mayan Oracle is on Real Intelligence, the kin as artists and co-creators, not machine artificial intelligence.
  • They feed off of superior natural human electromagnetic energy for their survival. The kin just need the sun, love, and Source
  • The Architect creates a simulated human “paradise”. We believe in a Universal God who holds the Trinity as a unified person embodied in each kin if they let it activate. It’s a free will choice.
  • Earth is not a simulation but a HOLOGRAM, projected by Galactic Center through our Sun which then sends it to the Psi-Bank (The Mayan Harmonic) that is a type of intelligent matrix around the earth that interacts with all DNA.
  • Their oracle is an intuitive program added to their matrix that analyzes human behavior. She’s a psychologist/grandma. She’s actually manipulative if you listen carefully, which is derogatory of women. Later on we see the “Analyst” who is a psychiatrist portrayed brilliantly by Neil Patrick Harris. Very creepy. Our Mayan Oracle is mathematically perfect and neither female or male.
  • The 1-2% that do not believe in A.I. Matrix are disbeliever anomalies in their world who will be blamed for ending the species if they don’t assimilate into the B.S. In the Mayan Harmonic, each kin can be self-generating to the point of being a cosmic citizen thereby achieving the status of god or goddess. This is illegal in the A.I. Matrix. That’s the purpose of gentrification and media programming. Deny the existance of God and The Trinity.
  • The real Neo or New (Neo means new) One (an anagram with the letters n, e, and o) was Christ and there was no manipulation or control. There was only love and Healing and more. He was a rabbi or teacher.
  • Zion of course refers to Israel and the Jewish Messiah was “The One”. I think we know that story. They handed him to the Roman State, Pilate, to be tortured and crucified. Of course he let them and became a martyr. He didn’t have to do it, he chose to, which the Christian church rejects. They still believe in pagan blood sacrifice which is totally erroneous and actually aligns with the A.I. model of The Architect, or an angry, cruel God as portrayed in the Old Testament. Humans wrote it, God didn’t. Christ’s relationship to his home area of Israel (Zion) remains a mystery to me.
  • The One, Neo felt he had no choice but to cooperate with The Architect who would destroy the human race unless it had the new code. Ummm, No. None of that is part of our Harmonic. There is no control from Galactic Center like that.
  • The 6th Matrix is the belief in the 6th world tauted by Calleman. I think Bruce Lipton believe in it too. It’s not correct. The earth is billions of years old and continuous in it’s repository for all DNA via the Psi Bank or what we call the Van Allen Belts. It’s in my book There may have been human extinctions but that is part of evolution. Still, there has always been a remnant who survived, usually underground.
  • What is Morpheus as a metaphor? Trinity is on his “crew”. Morpheus serves as a leader in the “real” world, steadfast and courageous in the face of great danger and difficulty. He is the one who plucks Neo out of his comfortable life in the Matrix and shows him the truth, and he believes immediately that Neo is the One. He seems like the GFW to me, the Galactic Federation of Worlds, not settled on any one planet or any one species but unifed Mind based on the Mayan Oracle values. The Mayan Oracle values are: form, integrity, cooperation, service, attunement, liberation, challenge, equality, manifestation, purpose, radiance, intention, and cosmic rights
  • The character Cipher who betrays all of them seems to be a Satan character who was supposed to be an angel of light. Cipher means ZERO by the way. And Neo is the ONE. Zeros and ones are binary computer code based in 3D. There is a section in my book about it. It’s just dualism or the hologram projection on the particular timeline we are on. I find zeros and one’s indolent compared to the exponential math of the Mayan Harmonic so to me, it’s largely irrelevant.
  • Seraph is also a program, as old as The Oracle in their Matrix. A seraph is an angel. In our oracle, angels don’t test you or desire to fight. They are guides and are usually, actually, our higher selves in another density.
  • The martial arts is all throughout the Matrix movies. Martial means WAR. The Mayan Harmonic is about THE HEALING ARTS which is Reiki, which I and millions of others have worked in for our entire lives. There is not ONE stitch of healing arts in the matrix movies. The MAYA are expert healers and are still teaching me in my dream state, meditative state, and awake state.
  • The Oracles decision to help Neo has enraged the Merovingian. The Merovingian (sometimes called The Frenchman) is an old, powerful program that resides within the Matrix. … He and his wife Persephone operate a smuggling ring providing a haven for exiled programs in the Matrix. This is essentially our C%^&* right now who control sex-trafficking on the planet. In Greek mythology Persephone was a young girl who was kidnapped and raped by Hades (or Hell) and taken to the underworld. These moves are all very archetypal. Hollywood has always hijacked our human archetypes and turned them upsidedown for destructive purpose, like the swastika. It’s original meaning is Life. They reversed the direction to mean physical death when in fact, our physical bodies do not need to die. Time is DNA and we can 100% control it. You have to meditate and love yourself.
  • Smith is a redundant, destructive, gentrified, repetitive computer virus that can destroy both the A.I. Source and the matrix. Neo goes back to A.I. Source to clinch the deal but Zion must be spared. The human mind in the Matrix can escape and their minds spared if they choose. in the final battle with Smith, Neo here’s him utter, “Everything that has a beginning has an end.” In the Mayan Harmonic there is always a recurring alpha point; α and omega point ; Ω which I always note on my blog posts. It is endemic to natural evolution and cannot be overstepped in 4D.
  • Neo realizes he must let himself be sacrificed to defeat the enemy, (the erroneous sacrifice narrative from the A.I. world so humans can be easily manipulated by guilt.) Neo allows Smith to override his code which gives the machines a way to burn out the Smith virus. This is all 32-64 bit 4D binary nonsense compared to the multidimensional reality of the Mayan Harmonic with it’s exponential MATH and SYNCHRONICITY. There is no tidbit of synchronicity or healing in the Matrix movies therefore they are an inadequate, incorrect metaphor for the Mayan Oracle. Hollywood simply steals enough of our linguistics to make the uneducation adopt these movies as a 21st century theology absent the real indwelling Holy Spirit.
  • It’s very telling at the end that Mr. Patriach himself, The male Architect, chides The Oracle, Mother Spirit and tells her she has overstepped. Dude, in truth, in the universe, Mother Spirit is CO EQUAL with The Son in their adminstration of the local universe that they both created. This portrayal of the male and female deity is so evil and so incorrect. It’s is A.I. for sure, in resentment of the female which is why our planet is so out of alignment.
  • Ok, we aren’t meant to live in a matriachal world dominated by women. However, the Loom of the 13 Moons in the Mayan Oracle makes it clear that the Mother’s DNA is the leader when it comes to forming the subconscious mind of the children in utero but so does the father if he’s present. In addition, the microbiologists see it in the lab. Nevertheless, the male role is essential in balancing the mind of children.

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    Please study this. It’s very important. It took me awhile to work it out but the distinctions are important. Again, more good conversation over Thanksgiving who think the Matrix movies are accurate. No, they are not. They are A.I. Propaganda that go AGAINST the earth and our DNA. You can say just that.

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