Monday Daily Oracle; Do You Plan to be a Human That Survives Ascension? If That Question Sounds Crazy to You the Answer is Probably No.

Body Holon

Tone 2, polarizing or dualism dominates the day. I still feel the strong unity of a magnetic tone one in HF33 from yesterday but can feel the pulse of humanity that is into the virtue signaling and sacrifice narrative the earth has been bathed in for thousands of years. I accept it but I am not part of it. They can’t feel their bodies, their QI, or their souls. I accept it and wish for nothing different.

  • Theme is Yellow 2 Polar Human or polarizing free will between those who have no use for free will because they don’t want to make the effort to DO free will and those who do; 2glutamic acid
  • Analog is Blue 2 Polar Hand or polarized healing; those who want to heal themselves and those who wait for someone to do it for them. 2Isoleucine.
  • Guide Power this morning was Yellow 2 Polar Seed or polarized focus. Some will focus on CNN and obey going over the cliff and some will not. 2Valine
  • Antipode this afternoon is White 2 Polar Wind or dualistic communication. Some will speak empowerment and an improved quality of life and others will focus on PAST pain, torture and apocalypse. Have at it.
  • Hidden Wisdom at sunset is Red 12 Crystal Moon or purification of emotions. 12Methionine.

Earth Holon

The Earth’s Electromagnetic Field (ELMF) is weakening; scientific fact. Therefore our bodies will not feel normal no matter how well we take care of ourselves. Our pineal glands are spinning hard which can cause dizziness. The only way to handle it is to meditate and calibrate what feels like a disco ball spinning in your head. Practice remote viewing daily so you are getting ready to be telepathic on a regular basis. No need for talking, just being able to read each other’s minds easily.

The tropical region Ben refers to in his video is EXACTLY the Yellow Human Portal, today’s gateway. Big Synchronicity as usual.

Watch “Earth Disaster Cycle | Deepening Tropical Effects” on YouTube

Interplanetary Holon

We are mediated by Earth today.


The Yellow Human Portal is a Core Kin at the heart of the planet whose job it is to transduce energy from the cosmic web. It is located at the Equator–13 degrees west in the mid-Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Liberia

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