Sunday Daily Oracle; First Day of a New 13-day Cycle and It’s an Alpha Point in HF33! The Health Alert Ended

Body Holon

  • Theme is Blue 1 Magnetic Monkey or attracting illusion. 1Asparagine ruled by Venus in retrograde
  • Analog is Yellow 1 Magnetic Star or unifying art. 1Leucine also ruled by Venus in retrograde
  • Guide Power this morning is Itself-Venus again in retrograde
  • Antipode this afternoon is White 1 magnetic Mirror which figures very prominently as the holographic plate to reflect Bohn’s holomovement. Magnetic meditation. Very significant that this is at the other side of the gateway, in HF33, on an Alpha Point. Huge synchronicity. It turns the polarity around.
  • Hidden Widsom is White 13 Cosmic Dog, the Trinity, yesterday’s theme. Cosmic Love and Loyalty of Source, female and male. 13Aspartic Acid
  • The 5GForce is Red 13 Moon or Cosmic Flow of feeling ruled by Mercury. 13Methionine, the Start Codon.

There is just a huge, pivotal movement from Galactic Center all over the place here. This was the kin that the cabal used to hack HF33 and enact the Las Vegas Massacre with their dark magic.

This illusion is coming from the reflection of White 1 Mirror. We’re in a holomovement of MIND. We are manifested only because of our cell spin rate which is extremely fast in the body. Our density is caused by cell movement not by mass. That is the case for all DNA on earth.

We just haven’t learned the technique to adjust our DNA because “TIME IS MONEY” is beaten into our heads and thus our bodies are for slavery. That thoughtform will kill the species if we don’t stop and realize WE ARE TIME. Time is DNA. We are 100% in control of our DNA via our minds in meditation (White 1 Mirror). Simply take care of your body as your main focus.

I unify in order to play. Attracting ILLUSION I seal the process of magic with the magnetic tone of purpose. I am guided by my own power doubled.

Kin 131

Earth Holon

Watch “Amazing Magnetic Cosmos, Earth’s Field Weakening | S0 News Jan.9.2022” on YouTube

Interplanetary Holon

It’s 11:11 just now as I looked at the astrology lineup for today.


We are mediated by VENUS in Capricorn retrograde until January 29. Any negative issues with finances or relationships will be pondered. It’s good to ponder. Just don’t jump into anything.

The Moon goes into Aries at 1:11pm today so the ONES are hitting my mind today. Synchronicity with Magnetic Tone 1 which UNIFIES. I feel that strongly in the ether today. 8 billion humans need to be unified in their focus that the earth shifts will be gradual and not fearsome devastating as Ben (Suspicious Observers) keeps talking about and thus creating.

WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS AND YOUR SPEECH right now. We are powerful co-creators with those two things. Focus on what you wish to happen not on what you fear.

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