Thursday Daily Oracle; We are One Day From HF33 with Yellow 11 Spectral Star

It’s appropriate that we begin the harmonic tomorrow by breaking it open with dissolving spectral energy today. It throws back the curtains and lets in the light from Galactic Center through our Sun, which has been blocked, hence the time warp that has been experienced by the earth. A time warp means we keep repeating the past, as individuals because our minds are programmed to do so. In this case, it’s caused by the ancient dark magic of the Illuminati which controls all media. My posts from Corey give a clear view of how that has played out. But for us, it’s a predominance on the galactic karmic inbreath side of the interplanetary holon and a neglect of the solar prophetic outbreath of dharma on the other side with the other 10 kin. I notice my patients are good at breathing in but resist breathing out. They won’t let things go so their bodies are full of tension.

Thus, kin who are psychic, lightworkers, healers, intuitive, ARTISTS, and so on are treated like crazy outliers who refuse to be controlled by money, fake time, and materialism. Instead, we spend our time (our bodies) channeling etheric information and sharing it with the world, for whatever attention it gets. This has gone on for thousands of years and you can see it in human history.

The attributes of Yellow Star are: beautify, art, elegance, harmony, expansion, wayshower, clever, hopeful, energetic, inspirational, nervous, playful, loving, busy, starred, and intelligent.

On this kin, it was 1-11-2017 or 11:11:1 with a tone 11 no less!! Very high in synchronicity preceding HF33. We are still in the central channel which is the axis of the eternal present; the spine of the body. The I Ching designation today is The Creative Heaven/The Clinging Flame.

Body Holon

  • Theme is Yellow 11 Spectral Star or dissolving harmony. 11Leucine
  • Analog is Blue 11 Spectral Monkey (Jose A.) or dissolving magic (the cabals very dark magic). 11Asparagine
  • The Guide Power this morning is Itself
  • The Antipode this afternoon is White 11 Spectral Mirror or liberating order. 11Tyrosine
  • The Hidden Wisdom at sundown is Red 3 Electric Skywalker or ACTIVATED PROPHECY. 3Glutamine
  • The Fifth density GForce isYellow 3 Electric Human or ACTIVATED FREE WILL. 3Glutamic Acid

Earth Holon

Yellow Star is a Signal kin time portal. It’s at the solar plexus of earth and its job is to receive signals from the cosmic web to pass on to the kin which is what I do. Red Skywalker is also a signal kin. The signals come through my dreams.

Yellow Star portal is located at 30°S–150°W, south of French Polynesia in the South Pacific. I will add SO from Ben when it’s up so we can see what’s shakin’ there. Note at 0:40 we’re under a health alert because of the Sun’s actions right now. Spread the word. There is no “Really?” here. THE SUN controls our planet and our bodies and focusing on it, by YOUR MIND, will change your DNA. Humans do not control the earth nor cause a cataclysm, the Sun does.

Notice Venus entering the screen at 1:15. Huge synchronicity today!

Note at 1:45 they’ve seen the most unusual STELLAR STREAM they’ve ever spotted. Gee, I wonder why? I’ve given you a heads up before this post folks. Also, Note that lightning is an attribute of the Blue Storm tribe or Tryptophan. With Yellow Sun they are mediated by Pluto whose atmosphere is collapsing.

Interplanetary Holon


We are mediated by Venus, 3X, Neptune, and Mars. Astrologically in 4D, we have a Moon, Jupiter, and Neptune (our Guide Power) in Pisces. This goes very well with Yellow Star to soften the blow coming in tomorrow. The Sun is in Capricorn of course. Mercury is in Aquarius so the new ideas, new ways, new resignations from the young people are changing our society for the better. The old ways and old-time are moving out.

Our strong aspects are Venus sextile Neptune which is exact synchronicity with our theme and guide power!! Saturn squares Uranus. Wow. There you have the old elite guard with the money and war focus who think they own the planet and us being put out to pasture by the Sun Cycles changing the planet, the great resignation, the entire planet protesting slavery and control and just their evil ways.

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